5 Reasons I’m Ready for My Kids to Go Back to School

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On Me: Old Skool Vans c/o Rack Room Shoes, Levi Jeans, Everlane Tee, Quay Sunglasses
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Are you ready to send your kids back to school? Let me tell you my favorite parts of sending them back to school, and the one stop shop for school gear!


We only have a week left of summer, and I have to admit that although I love, love, love summer, I’m feeling excited for my kids to be back in school.


These are five reasons why I’m excited my kids are heading back to school.


1. We get to go back to school shopping.

For some reason I love back to school shopping. Picking out all the new, fresh things is so fun for me. Anyone else?

This year we were smart and did a one stop shop trip to Rack Room Shoes to get school shoes, backpacks, and lunchboxes for the boys.

I’ve shopped at Rack Room Shoes for years for my boys because they have all the brands I love for my kids, like Nike, Adidas, Vans, and more, and they always have amazing prices and great discounts. They also have uniform compliant shoes for boys and girls!

And did you know that Rack Room Shoes gives back? They partner with the non-profit, Shoes That Fit, and have provided more than 250,000 pairs of shoes to children in need. As if I needed a reason to love them more.


2. I love the fresh start that back to school brings.

I’m obsessed with the new year in January, and the new school year always gives me that same sense of new beginnings. I love buying a new calendar, making a new schedule, cleaning my car, purging my closet, and starting a new book with the boys so it all feels fresh and new.

I think it’s also a great time for kids to feel that — starting a new grade, finding new friends, and learning more about themselves. Rack Room’s back to school campaign is called Be You, and it’s all about finding your personality and expressing who you are, and I love letting them choose their shoes and backpacks to reflect their personalities.

Rack Room Shoes is our one stop shop for shoes, backpacks, and lunchboxes to get the boys ready for back to school
easy momiform outfit in my vans from Rack Room Shoes
vans from rack room shoes
matching mommy and me vans from rack room shoes
are you ready to send your kids back to school yet?

3. I get more one on one time with them.

During the summer, my boys are all home at the same time, all day every day, so there’s very little one on one time.

Once school starts back up, they’ll have different schedules (since Fos is in half day kindergarten this year), so one on one time is automatically built in.

That individual time with my boys is so important to me, and it’s so fun for them.

4. I thrive on structure and schedules, and so do my kids.

I’m such a schedule junky, and although I love free time during the summer, and the ability to sleep in and laze around if I want, I really really like schedules.

I’ll be sharing more of our fall schedule here on the blog soon!

5. My kids get along better because they aren’t with each other 24/7

We’ve reached the point in the summer where my kids need some space. They’ve been around each other 24/7 for three months, and they need a break from each other.

I love during the school year that they’re apart during the school day, and that makes them so excited to see each other after school. There’s a lot less screaming, arguing, and fighting during the school year 😉


If you’re heading into the school year too, finish up your back to school shopping at Rack Room Shoes! And don’t forget, there are TONS of cute women’s shoes too!


this post was created in partnership with Rack Room Shoes
Photos by Priscilla Frey

back to school with rack room shoes
baby vans and mommy vans from rack room shoes


  1. yes! These are all my favorite reasons for back to school season too! Especially the arguing!


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