2009 Goals

It’s December – this means I start thinking of goals for 2009.

Here are a few on my mind:

1. Buy a new house
2. Landscape the new house
3. Plant a garden
4. Be a better, more interesting, more frequent blogger
5. Be better at organizing
6. Buy a big fancy camera
7. Learn to take nice pictures on said big fancy camera
8. Create my own studio in new house
9. Paint a whole heck of a lot more than I have this year
10. Expand my cooking repertoire
11. Continue to keep a tight budget
12. Save lots of money and meet our personal savings account goal
13. Do my hair in more ways than “up” or “down” (this has been a life-long goal…hasn’t happened yet)
14. Buy clothes that fit into my wardrobe well, and create a nice, long lasting wardrobe. Not just buy to buy.
15. Be a better dresser – learn how to put together outfits well
16. Be a better sister and daughter – call and see more often
17. Watch less TV
18. Read the Ensign every month
19. Spend more time with family
20. Invite people over more, and not just one couple. PARTIES!
21. Work on food storage – I’m totally on a FS kick right now…can’t get enough!
22. Work on toning my legs a bit more
23. Tone up my arms too…
24. Get an apprenticeship and work on becoming a better artist
25. Somehow get the 3rd season of 24 and watch it!
26. Stay in contact with my friends
27. Recover chairs for my future living room
28. Make more stuff – like cool crafty stuff
29. Go on a few trips
30. Maybe try to make a baby
31. Be a happier person
32. Get family pictures taken at least once
33. Buy a used table and stain it to become beautiful again
34. Use coupons more
35. Continue pizza night tradition

That’s all I’ve got for now. What are your goals for the new year?



  1. Packrat says:

    I’m butting in again. Good goals, but some contradictions. Sorry, I “had” to comment. Smile.

    First, if your husband doesn’t already know how, teach him to cook, clean, do laundry, pay the bills, keep his own items organized, and later change diapers. This is especially important if you are working (painting?) plus being a housewife. (I do bookkeeping at home. Somehow everyone – including my husband – has decided that since I’m home I don’t have anything to do but “cater” to their needs. Time for an attitude adjustment?)

    Having a baby and saving (more) money don’t often go together.

    Having a baby and having more time to paint and do crafts and refinish furniture don’t go together.

    Having a baby and creating a lasting wardrobe don’t go together very well. Even if you lose the “baby fat” after the baby is born, your shape will probably change.

    Sorry, but once that baby gets to scooting around on the floor, your own time is at an end – unless you don’t ever sleep. (Hint, buy a play pen and use it! One year, to save our sanity and the ornaments, we put the Christmas tree in the play pen.)

    Love your food storage goal. Hint – buy good air-tight, food safe containers. They are worth every dollar they cost. I have had mine for at least 30 years.

    Camera hint – if you have a baby, you’ll want one that you can pick and snap pictures quickly. (I have an big, complicated, expensive camera that takes gorgeous pictures, but I seldom use it. It’s great if the subject stays still – which babies seldom do.)

    Bottom line – babies rule the household but are more precious than any other thing in the world.

  2. Packrat says:

    Oops, just read Janssen’s blog. I hope I didn’t open that can of worms. Your life is not over when you have a baby. It just changes.

    As for your husband knowing how to cook, etc, it is just nice after a particularly hairy day to have an extra pair of hands to help.

    With my first baby, I was able to do almost all the same things I had always done plus even a few new things. And, for several years, I actually weighed less after he was born than I did before I got pregnant.

    However, when I had my second child, my other life did kind of stop. I was ten years older and hadn’t been feeling well, so I got tired easier. Because my daughter also had some health problems, her care took more of my time. And, even with exercise, I never lost the “baby fat” from that pregnancy.

    My point was not to discourage you from having a baby – just the opposite. Things will change, but it will be a WONDERFUL change.

  3. wow! What great goals – if you manage to accomplish all of those you are officially superwoman! Go for it – shoot high!!

  4. Saskia T says:

    If you just manage to reach a few you have done a lot…

  5. Bart says:

    MB, I may want to get in on the photography thing, too. I doubt we’ll get a new camera yet, but after seeing what Ralphie and Meleah and others do, it just makes me want to take nice photos.

    I love New Year’s goals. My goal this year is to make good goals and to follow through on them!

  6. Ashley says:

    We probably will be doing number 30 too…but I am thinking I should wait till the thought excites me…it doesnt yet. And maybe getting my awesome body back somewhere in there. What is that? Those two totally contradict eachother…crap.

  7. i love your goals, very inspiring! 🙂 and i just have to giggle at the first comments… esp. after reading janssen’s post. oh well, everyone’s different i guess.

    you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to! but i’m pretty sure you already knew that! 😉

    i love coming to your blog! you’re always so motivating!

    stick to your goals! they’re awesome!

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