Chicwish to give away $100 to their store!


Today I’ve partnered up with Chicwish to give away $100 to their store! My favorite jacket is from there, and if I were to win, I’d definitely get that (if I didn’t have it already). They also have pretty clothes, accessories, shoes, bags…you name it. Something for everyone!

To enter (mandatory):
  • Register on Chicwish, and then leave a comment below telling me what you’d buy with your $100! (please include your email address in the comment)
Extra entries (optional):
The giveaway will be open for one week, closing next Tuesday, August 13, and midnight. Good luck!!
. . . . . . 
The winner is MoranSha! Congratulations!! Check your email to claim your prize!


  1. Ruth says:

    Such a lovely giveaway [[; They have a lot of cute stuff..
    Well I I'd probably spend it on backpacks, have been eyeing the Black Quilt Backpack which is already half of money, so then I would love to get also a cute sweater like Vintage Inspired Rose Knit White Jumper for Autumn.
    [email protected]

  2. Ruth says:

    Had already liked their FB page
    [email protected]

  3. Ruth says:

    And followed on IG, with @kodolfizika
    [email protected]

  4. Caroline L. says:

    Wow! I really didn't know about this site – they have AWESOME pieces! I like the delicate high waist skirt in blue

    [email protected]

  5. Kelseyf says:

    Loving that Aztec cardigan–super cute!

  6. Katie says:

    I would definitely get the/peter-pan-collar-eyelet-white-top

  7. Jes says:

    It would be very hard to choose… The jacket like you have or the similar vest, or the chunky Aztec print cardigan, or a skirt. Too many choices, but I am sure I could narrow it down!

  8. I would probably go for the birds print skater dress or that Aztec print cardigan.

    [email protected]m

  9. Kellie says:

    Such a cute website! And great prices; that $100 would go far! I would probably pick the blue pleated maxi skirt, the aztec oversize cape, and the colorful puzzle cell phone case!

    [email protected]

  10. Kellie says:

    I also follow chickwish on instagram!

    [email protected]

  11. Kellie says:

    I "like" chickwish on facebook!

    [email protected]

  12. tigress2369 says:

    I love the lace skull army jacket and the mint oversized top!
    [email protected]

  13. I would get the Ombre Green Pleated Maxi Skirt.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  14. I like Chicwish on Facebook (Colleen Boudreau)
    holliister at gmail dot com

  15. I follow Chicwish on Instagram (collifornia)
    holliister at gmail dot com

  16. This site is super cute. I Really love the military camo pattern sweatshirt.
    [email protected]

  17. I would have to go with the White Lace Embroidery Mid-sleeve Dress and then talk my hubby into a date night! [email protected]

  18. I love the Armygreen Military Style Hooded Parka Coat and the Golden Floral Embroidery Crochet Top. So many cute things!

  19. I followed on instagram @hannahkilleen

  20. I really love the Peter Pan Lace Collar Navy Blue Top!

  21. Definitely one of the long pleated chiffon skirts!
    [email protected]

  22. Jen says:

    I liked chicwish on fb jenrsharpe at yahoo dot com

  23. Loris Ayoub says:

    Extra entry
    Liked on Facebook
    Loris Ayoub

  24. Loris Ayoub says:

    Extra entry
    follow on Instagram

    [email protected]

  25. Jen says:

    A cable knit sweater for the winter.
    jenrsharpe at yahoo dot com

  26. Elizabeth W says:

    I adore the green tulle sequins dress 🙂
    [email protected]

  27. Sarah says:

    I'm registered for Chicwish on their site. Email is [email protected]. And, I'd get this to satisfy my weird obsession of animal heads!

  28. Sarah says:

    Liked on Facebook ([email protected])

  29. Sarah says:

    Following on Instagram (sarahetter), and my email is [email protected]

  30. Elizabeth says:

    I signed up on their website and, oh my gosh do I love the Cut Out Pointed Sandals Shoes! I'd get those if I were lucky enough to win!

  31. Elizabeth says:

    Liked them on Facebook!

    (And I forgot to include my email in my first comment… normal.butnotreally (at) gmail (dot) com)

  32. Elizabeth says:

    Following them on Instagram also.

  33. I registered! I would definitely get the Armygreen Military Style Hooded Parka Coat!! Love it and have been wanting one like this for about a year!! Thanks for the giveaway! [email protected]

  34. Mason says:

    Too many things to decide from, but really loving the Aztec Print Vest Top, Shell and Pearls Bracelet, and Delicate Starfish Bracelet 🙂
    Registered with Chicwish and my email is [email protected]

  35. divyaram03 says:

    Such a fab giveaway! Love the Twisted Knot Back dress! Registered!

    [email protected]

  36. Julia Carney says:

    registered! love the aztec knit loose drape cardigan!!

    [email protected]

  37. Jasmine R says:

    I would definitely buy that jacket and and the tulle tours skirt in ivory! Thanks for the giveaway!
    [email protected]

  38. Stephanie says:

    I registered and I love the Retro Flower Top.
    My email is [email protected]

  39. Marianne T says:

    Registered! I would get army green military coat and white whole bud crochet skirt!! [email protected]

  40. Registered. I'd definitely get the lace cardigan and a couple of necklaces. Gorgeous.

  41. Madeline says:

    I love the Armygreen Military Style Hooded Parka Coat that you rave about ! It is perfect ! I created an account !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  42. Madeline says:

    I liked them on FB !!

  43. Jessica says:

    they have so many great things,but I LOVE the green pleated dress with belt! I love the slightly grecian look it has.

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  44. Jessica says:

    I Like Chicwish on Facebook

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  45. Jessica says:

    I Follow Chicwish on Instagram

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  46. Sarah Ngo says:

    Loving this sequins perfume sweater ( – It sort of reminds me of the cute seqiun spray top you replicated on your blog.

    [email protected]

  47. Sarah Ngo says:

    Following them on IG as SarahNgoCannon

  48. Sarah Ngo says:

    FOllowing them on FB as sarah ngo cannon

  49. Detachable Fur Hood Military Parka Coat

    I registered.
    [email protected]

  50. Plock says:

    i registered and like their cutout flats.
    p2412l(at)yahoo (dot)com

  51. slaja says:

    I would buy Butterfly Full Crochet Shift Dress.
    [email protected]

  52. slaja says:

    I also liked on facebook.(FB name: Ka Mila)

  53. Kristin says:

    I'd pick the floral collar chiffon top. In both colors!
    [email protected]

  54. Naama A says:

    also followed on FB
    nam12 [at]

  55. Naama A says:

    also followed on instagram
    nam12 [at]

  56. Celeste says:

    already registered at Chicwish // I love the Organza Embroidered Black Dress!

    [email protected]

  57. Elise says:

    Hey Merrick! I would probably get the mint crochet shorts or the chiffon asymmetric waterfall skirt in ivory. I love their clothes! Thanks for the give away!

    [email protected]

  58. Amy says:

    Registered, and I would definitely be getting the army green jacket, I have been coveting it for dayssssss.
    [email protected]

  59. This site has the cutest clothes- thanks for sharing and thank you for the lovely giveaway! I have registered, and I'm in love with the cable knit sweaters- especially the wine red one! I want it!!! 🙂

    julia.paige (at)

  60. Also- I liked them on FB!
    Name: Julia Campbell 🙂
    Thanks again!

  61. chalayn says:

    Don't make me choose… yet! 😉 Umm… I need a new coat so how about The Hit The Road Jacket.

    braynofchalayn at gmail dot com.

  62. chalayn says:

    Liked on Facebook!

  63. Sarah S. says:

    I love all of the clothes but if I had to choose I'd go with the mint eyelet scrolled vest top! (Also I registered!)

    [email protected]

  64. i think i go for the White Floral Blooming Maxi Dress! [email protected](dot)com

  65. Lisa says:

    I love the navy pleated maxi skirt, and the lace pencil skirt!

    Lazy_daisy00(at) yahoo (dot) com

  66. Lisa says:

    Liked 'em on FB!

    Lazy_daisy00 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  67. Tayci Mecham says:

    I would get the Beige Draped Trench Coat and/or the Armygreen Military Style Hooded Parka Coat (what canI say, you have great style!)

    [email protected]

  68. Tayci Mecham says:

    Following on Instagram!

  69. Following on instagram!

  70. I would love to spend it on the rockstud ballerina flats in mint green! thanks for the chance!

  71. Megan says:

    I registered on Chicwish, and I would love love love to get that military green hooded jacket in my closet 🙂 my email is [email protected]

  72. vdjones says:

    Ohhh Def diggin the flouncing Chiffon Maxi Dress 🙂 Very light and pretty!
    [email protected]

  73. vdjones says:

    Liked theri FB page – Thanks for the introduction!
    [email protected]

  74. Jadyn Cox says:

    Loved the cute colors they had for everything! If I won I would definitely have to get the "Mint Drawstring Bucket Bag." It would be great for keeping things handy at school and on the road. Love your blog!

    [email protected]

  75. Peach My Heart Petticoat skirt would be my pick! Perfect for family pictures coming up

  76. Andrea says:

    I would get the Lace Crochet Cardigan with Chiffon Back and the Peter Pan Lace Collar Scarlet Top. So cute!

    [email protected]

  77. I registered on their site. I would get the Aztec print sweater or oversize sheer sweaters!

  78. Christie says:

    Registered on their site. Too many cute things! The Aztec print sweater is awesome, and I love the Beads Embellished Pleated Dolly Dress and the White Crochet Floral Shift Dress as well!

  79. Christie says:

    Liked Chicwish on Facebook 🙂

  80. Christie says:

    Following chicwish on Instagram. (cweathers)

  81. I liked chicwish on FB

  82. I absolutely adore the Aztec open knit cardigan! Where is fall already?!

  83. Aub says:

    I would definitely get the Khaki Military Jacket with PU Leather Sleeves. I've been looking for a jacket like that forever!!


  84. Aub says:

    I liked Chicwish on facebook.


  85. Aub says:

    I followed Chicwish on instagram.


  86. Kaytee says:

    WOAH! Definitely the Aztec Knit Loose Drape Cardigan in Black and Aztec Open Knit Cardigan. I would live in them all winter long!!
    [email protected]

  87. Kaytee says:

    Following on Instagram
    [email protected]

  88. jess says:

    cute shop – i love your jacket too – although i already have a couple army green coats – so maybe i'll go another direction and opt for the lace front cardi and a maxi instead! [email protected] – jess

  89. Jessie M says:

    Hi Merrick! If I won the Chicwish giveaway I would buy your favorite jacket! Love the army style.

  90. Jessie M says:

    I liked Chicwish on Facebook!

  91. Jessie M says:

    I also followed Chicwish on Instagram 🙂

  92. Hi, Merrick, If I won the Chicwish giveaway I would buy the Rock Stud handbag in the Peach Pink. My e-mail is: lesleyb(at)gmail(dot)com.

  93. registered. Love the jacdket and the pinky bag.
    [email protected]

  94. Alisa says:

    I would love to get the chiffon mustard pleated maxi skirt, because I've been wanting a long pleated yellow colored skirt, and the side zippers tote bag in black to be able to transport all of my papers back and forth when I begin student teaching in the fall!

    [email protected]

  95. Alisa says:

    Alos followed on instagram, @lacestripesandpolkadots

  96. Shelly says:

    I would buy the bird print skater dress! [email protected]

  97. Registered. If I won I'd buy the Mint Blue Floral Neckline Chiffon Dress!

    [email protected]

  98. Registered, and I would totally get the white crochet sweater and a watch. Adorbs!

    Kristin Hilton

  99. Followed on Instagram (kristin_jens).

  100. Tori says:

    I registered on Chicwish through my Facebook account. If I were to win I would definitely get the Armygreen Military Style Hooded Parka Coat (the same one you have, I believe) because a military jacket has been on my shopping list for awhile and this one is perfect!

  101. Tori says:

    I have liked Chicwish on Facebook!

  102. Tori says:

    I am now following Chicwish on Instagram under torishanks.

  103. I think I would pick the High Waist Summer Maxi Dress in Green if I won! So many beautiful options though! [email protected]

  104. jbowman says:

    I registered at Chicwish and would absolutely get the Delicacy Crochet top!

    rebecca_lyn5 at msn dot com

  105. I would def. get the tulle short skirt and a long pleated skirt. So cute! I registered 🙂 [email protected]

  106. cassy diane says:

    I've been wanting a sweater like the wine red cable knit so I can wear it with beige wedges this fall! I also like the black candy color crystal quartz watch.

  107. cassy diane says:

    Oh and I liked Chicwish on facebook.

  108. Erin G. says:

    I signed up on the website! I would get the green army jacket! Thanks! [email protected]

  109. Erin G. says:

    Followed on facebook! Thanks! [email protected]

  110. Erin G. says:

    Followed on Instagram! Thanks! [email protected]

  111. The Ashby's says:

    I registered on Facebook and would totally get the jacket you have!
    [email protected]

  112. micaiahelyse says:

    I absolutely love this top

    I registered under my work email micaiah.cass (at) unishippers (dot) com but my contact email is themickeyness (at) gmail (dot) com

  113. Mickey says:

    I also liked them on Facebook.
    themickeyness (at) gmail (dot) com

  114. micaiahelyse says:

    Followed on instagram! I'm @jorgeismyhomie

    themickeyness (at) gmail (dot) come

  115. Elizabeth says:

    I would definitely buy the aztec knit loose drape cardigan!

    [email protected]

  116. Elizabeth says:

    Followed on Instagram!

  117. I'd definitely get one of the waterfall skirts, and I'd probably snag one of those adorable bags, too!

  118. Oh, and my email is [email protected]
    Also, liked it on Facebook!

  119. Cindy says:

    I love the jacket, but also need a dress to wear to a wedding this fall. [email protected]

  120. Cindy says:

    Liked on Facebook

  121. Cindy says:

    Liked on Instagram

  122. Following Chicwish on Instagram @calliebowers

  123. Fan of Chicwish via FB! @calliecbowers

  124. Created an account! Oh my heck…obsessed with Chicwish! I love their bags, skirts, tops, everything! Loving the White Whole Crochet Floral Shift Dress…so unique! Crossing my fingers!

    [email protected]

  125. I created an account; I would love some maxi dresses! [email protected]

  126. Kunz Family says:

    I would get the delicate high waisted skirt in white!
    [email protected]

  127. Kunz Family says:

    Following chicwish on Instagram! [email protected]

  128. Van Nguyen says:

    I liked Chicwish on Facebook under my fanpage, Botanical Curator.

  129. Léanne :) says:

    I would get that jacket you're wearing, love it!!!
    Registered! 🙂

  130. Natalia says:

    I'd get the Cross-stitch Embroidery White Dress and the Color Block Pleated Dress with Belt in Rose Red. Love the red and white combo on both.
    I registered with the address:
    natalieg at me dot com

  131. MoranSha says:

    liked on FB

    mooransh @ gmail . com

  132. Mary says:

    I registered on the site. It is too hard to narrow it down to one thing, but I would probably buy a bag and stock up on some accessories. The Side Zippers Tote bag looks like something I could use and I really like the Beads Vintage Gold Plate Jewel bracelet.

    mary(dot)[email protected](dot)com

  133. Batter says:

    I love your coat and the Luxury Khaki Detachable Fur Hooded Cape is fab! I like the Navy Draped Trench Coat as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

    bloglovewin {hotmail}

  134. Déborah Tg says:

    ig -> buddi981
    fb,gfc -> Déborah Tg
    me compraría vestidos, me encantan

  135. HollyDolly says:

    I really like the Organza Embroidery Black Dress and Faux Leather Diamond Pleated Skirt in Black!

    [email protected]

  136. Ashleigh says:

    Registered, and would totally order the gorgeous "White Lace Embroidery Mid-Sleeve dress" with the "Rockstar Ballerina Flats"- an entire, adorable outfit!

  137. I registered and I would get a crochet shirt or the green jacket! [email protected]

  138. Jessica says:

    I love the tulle skirts, or the cream faux leather diamond pleated skirt 😉 such cute clothes!

    [email protected]

  139. Leanne Drown says:

    I registered…would definitely go for the beige draped trench coat! [email protected]

  140. Emily L says:

    I registered and I love the skater dress with bird print!


  141. I am registered on chicwish! I would buy the adorable green cargo coat you have…I've been wanting it forever! My email address is [email protected]

  142. I liked chicwish on Facebook!

  143. I follow Chicwish on Insta!

  144. Heidi Bally says:

    I would definitely get the [email protected]

  145. Heidi Bally says:

    I liked on Facebook too

  146. I would totally buy that jacket. Because I like to copy you.

  147. I follow on instagram!

  148. And…I "like"ed chicwish on facebook!

  149. also I liked them on facebook

  150. I'd break into the world of chunky necklaces ([email protected]) liked on facebook too

  151. Novem Tadora says:

    Awesome giveaway. Done all. 🙂
    If ever i'll win i'll choose this :
    Creeper Platforms Shoes in Wine Red
    Email: [email protected]
    THANK YOU :))

  152. If I won I would buy lots of t-shirts. Chicwish has awesome ones
    [email protected]

  153. I follow on Instagram

  154. I also follow on Facebook

  155. Daisy Floral Back Cardigan in Neon Green

  156. I already like them on Facebook!

  157. Etcetorize says:

    So cute! I'd buy some great accessories, like the pretty butterfly necklace.

  158. I would totally buy crochet shorts. And the double peter pan collar chiffon top. Aaaaand the cut out pointed sandal shoes in black. So many things I want!

  159. I liked Chicwish on Facebook!

    Sidenote: Am I the only one that keeps pronouncing it chic-weesh in my head? Can't wrap my mind around those different i's.

  160. And I followed Chicwish on instagram.

  161. Cait says:

    Their clothes are so cute! It would be a very difficult decision, picking what to get! If I had to choose right now, I'd get this sweater for sure, and a pretty dress and one of those awesomely different leggings!

  162. Cait says:

    Ipad wouldn't let me keep typing on that comment—
    I also liked them on facebook

    My email is [email protected]

  163. zarah says:

    I'd love to have the Mesh Peak Collar skater dress and the mint backpack 🙂

    [email protected]

  164. pea in a pod says:

    I've been registered with Chicwish since you posted the first photo of that beautiful army jacket! I would definitely buy that, or one of their gorgeous dresses–in particular, I love the nude pink lace pleated dress (I have a total affinity for lace :)). My email address is [email protected]

  165. pea in a pod says:

    Also followed Chicwish on Instagram! 🙂

  166. pea in a pod says:

    And I've liked them on Facebook for a while now! [email protected]

  167. Karrie S says:

    I follow on IG-karrie3

  168. I adore that sequin perfume sweater!

    FitTravelerAJ @ gmail . com

  169. I also liked them on FB… FitTraveler AJ

  170. Angela says:

    Ohhh Awesome giveaway. I love the bird print skater dress in white. Also love the cut out pointed sandal shoes in black. [email protected]

  171. Angela says:

    Liked on Facebook!

  172. Angela says:

    Following on Instagram!

  173. id buy the Got a Date Mint Lace Dress

    [email protected]

  174. liked on fb – stephanie ann

  175. follow on instagram – stefaniegladden

  176. says:

    Love love love chicwish! I have an account 🙂
    [email protected] ([email protected])

  177. says:

    I have liked them on Facebook.
    [email protected]

  178. says:

    I am following them on Instagram 😀
    [email protected] (bally06)

  179. Queenly Tan says:

    Yay! Before the giveaway ends, thanks God I've seen this! Definitely will join!
    I'd registered on Chicwish.
    Email: [email protected]
    I'll probably buy for skirts and tops!!
    Hope to win!

  180. Queenly Tan says:

    I followed Chicwish on Facebook. 🙂

  181. Queenly Tan says:

    And I also followed Chicwish on Instagram! 🙂

  182. started following on facebook as well!

  183. added on them instagram as well 🙂

  184. I like them on Fb as Vânia Madureira

  185. I like them on IG as vaniavieira1988

  186. Amanda Jones says:

    I would buy
    Floral Crochet Lace Peter Pan Top
    Khaki Military Jacket with PU Leather Sleeves
    Modern Art Mint Necklace

    What a great site! [email protected]

  187. fun! i would probably spend it on some fun sweaters for fall! i like the sequin perfume one.

  188. Sara C. says:

    I would definitely get the military jacket! Such a gorgeous and versatile piece. I love the retro flower top, too!

    [email protected]

  189. karen wu says:

    registered! i would definitely buy your favorite jacket. i've been looking for something like that forever. I'd also buy the Laidback Pocket Chiffon Top in White

    [email protected]

  190. kolpin says:

    i registered! i like the asymmetric Waterfall Dress in Mint Blue

    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  191. kolpin says:

    Like Chicwish on Facebook as daniel budsy

  192. kolpin says:

    Follow Chicwish on Instagram as kolpin

  193. Camille says:

    I'd definitely get the jacket! And also the crystal Peter Pan necklace and mint necklace!
    [email protected]

    Btw love love love your blog 🙂

  194. Cecilee says:

    also followed on instagram as camillejens!

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