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This week my baby is ten months old. Here are ten things about him at ten months.
1. I’m pretty sure his sleeping habits are always the first mentioned on these lists. But today it’s especially important because he’s sleeping through the night! Meaning, I feed him and put him to bed at 8:00pm and I don’t see that face until 9:00 the next morning. BLISS. 
2. He loves getting his hair combed, and although he’s fairly wiggly most of the day, he always sits calmly for a minute after bath time each night when I comb his hair down. Although all the rolling around he does during the night makes it stick straight up again by morning…
3. He loves to dance. And he busts those moves any time I start singing or play a song. It kills me every. time.  
4. He’s starting to hate baby food. I was feeding him rice cereal mixed with prune juice at least once a day to help avoid constipation, but the more table food he gets, the more he refuses to eat that stuff. Personally, I don’t blame him…
5. And speaking of table foods, he’s the world’s biggest beggar. If you eat something in front of him and don’t share, there is a lot of screeching involved until he gets a bite. 
6. He claps! It’s the cutest thing ever!
7. We’ve been taking advantage of fantastic beach weather the last week and have headed down there nearly every day. I bring our little kid size beach chairs and he just sits in his, sometimes for as long as an hour, just soaking up the sun, enjoying the breeze, and watching the waves. He was made for beach life. 
8. He’s now a pro crawler, and always surprises me with how quickly he gets from point A to point B. 
9. He’s also pulling himself up on everything, and seeing those fat baby thighs standing straight as can be is about as cute as it gets. 
10. Have you guys heard of Dunstan Baby Language? Well the sound that babies commonly make when they’re hungry is “Neh,” and he is like the poster child for that sound. He only makes it when he’s hungry, and when he’s begging for food he basically just shouts “Neh!” over and over again. 
Between these two boys I am about as happy as a mama can be. This little dude just lights up my life. Hard to believe he’s been a part of our family for 10 months already!


  1. Ash says:

    So sweet… What a big, handsome boy! (And YAY for sleeping through the night!)

  2. Katie Buell says:

    He is just a doll! I loved the instagram video you posted of him doing a little dance! So sweet!
    – Katie (whatsupwiththebuells.blogspot.com)

  3. Those are such beautiful photos of him! He sounds like a great little bundle of fun and personality!

  4. Marianne T says:

    Gorgeous child! Sleeping through night at 10 months- amazing!!!!!

  5. Madeline says:

    What a cutie ! Happy 10 months to him

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  6. He's adorable, Merrick. Like Gerber baby material. So precious.

  7. Elise says:

    He is adorable! You and your husband have a beautiful family. Happy 10 months to the little guy!

    Elise @ Everyday Elise

  8. Could he possibly get any cuter?! SHARE YOUR GOOD BABY GENES WITH THE REST OF US, WILL YA?

  9. Jenn says:

    Cute baby. And your photos are gorgeous. Are you a self-trained photographer?

  10. He is just the cutest EVER!

  11. What a smiley blond! Adorable!

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