25 Summer Outfit Ideas

During the warm summer months, I think every girl needs a few go-to outfit to make getting ready easy. When I’m getting dressed in the morning, I find myself putting together the same combos over and over, and today I’m sharing my seven favorites!


A jumpsuit is the best kind of one-stop-shop. It’s easy to toss on and go without any fuss. There are so many good ones out there — this black and white one is so soft and comfy, and super cute with a pair of sandals or sneakers. I also love this olive green one. It’s sleeveless, so I toss a denim jacket over the top, or a striped or lace tee underneath!

Merricksart.com | Black and white jumpsuit
Merricksart.com | Olive green jumpsuit

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Every closet needs a good pair of summer pants. You know, the kind that are basically like pajamas? An olive green pair or a navy blue pair will go with anything. They’re the best with a simple tee or top, a pair of sneakers or sandals, and maybe even a baseball cap thrown in there. I also love that they’re easy to dress up with heels and a blouse!

merricksart.com | olive green summer pants
merricksart.com | blue and white pants

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I’m such a jeans and tee kind of girl, so they’re top on my summer outfit list. You can’t go wrong, and the combinations are endless!

merricksart.com | ripped jeans and red striped top
merricksart.com | jeans and embroidered top
merricksart.com | jeans and plaid shirt
merricksart.com | all white look
merricksart.com | basic tee and white jeans

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Bermuda shorts are always a little tricky to style, but I shared a few tips for wearing them in this post. They’re a must-have for those sweltering days!

merricksart.com | ripped bermuda shorts
merricksart.com | cuffed bermuda shorts
merricksart.com | dark denim bermuda shorts

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I’m new to the overall trend, but I think they’re a great choice for summer. They’re cute and fun, and can be worn with tons of different tops underneath! I shared some different ways to style them in this post!

merricksart.com | overalls and yellow ruffle sleeve top
merricksart.com | overalls and striped top

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If you’re not a shorts wearer, skirts are the best choice for beating the summer heat. A-line skirts are the best style for my body type (smaller waist, fuller hips), and they’re easy to pair with a simple tee and sandals for a really summery look.

merricksart.com | yellow gingham skirt and white top
merricksart.com | white skirt and top
merricksart.com | patterned skirt and white top
merricksart.com | maxi wrap skirt and white tee
merricksart.com | blue gingham skirt and graphic tee
merricksart.com | maxi skirt and white top

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And last, but certainly not least, summer dresses. There’s just something so feminine and effortless about a good summer dress. I love to wear them with sneakers or sandals, with a baseball cap or straw fedora, or with a button down shirt tied around my waist. Endless possibilities!

merricksart.com | white dress and blue gingham shirt
merricksart.com | blue and white striped shirt dress
merricksart.com | gray t-shirt dress
merricksart.com | red swing dress

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