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Everyone told me that the transition from two kids to three kids was the absolute hardest. Seriously, I heard it from like ten thousand people. So over the last few months I’ve been mentally preparing for this change.

Newborns (usually) sleep so much of the day, so I know more challenging days are ahead, but since I went into this transition with a positive mindset, I’ve even surprised myself with how patient and happy I’ve been despite the constant needs of three little people mixed with sleep deprivation. When my sister, Janssen, had her third baby last year, she mentioned how much she loved having a baby in the house again, and I feel the absolute same way. There’s something about having this fresh new spirit that brings everyone together in a way nothing else could, and has really made me slow down and find a huge amount of joy in parenting all over again.

Over the last few years, my work has become increasingly busier, and that’s not changing any time soon, but I’ve found myself putting less pressure on myself to get it all done, stay up late, or answer emails right away. I’m finding myself wanting to take the kids to the park to throw the baseball, sit on the couch and read books, or kick the soccer ball around the kitchen. I’ve found myself spending more quality time with my older boys since San arrived, and my love for them has multiplied times about a million seeing them fall into their roles as big brothers to this tiny baby.

Basically that last picture up there sums up my entire life right now. I just feel so happy, content, satisfied, and thrilled to be a mom of three right now, and I’m determined to keep this mindset. There’s no greater joy than having a home with them in it.

photos by rad and happy