No doubt your feeds are exploding with news of the Nordstrom sale right now! It’s the biggest shopping sale of the year, and everyone can’t help but be absolutely giddy about it. And although I’m just as excited as everyone else, I want to help you navigate this crazy sale in the best way possible. So I’m not only sharing my favorite items from the sale, I’m also showing you how to shop it smarter.

Every other sale for every other retailer is last season’s items, marked down just to get rid of them. But the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is all their new releases for Fall and Winter, with limited numbers of each item, and all are marked down to crazy low prices.

This is why everyone goes crazy over it.

The problem is that there is so much good stuff to choose from, so many good prices, and everyone is shopping the same sale at once. So I spent a few hours weeding through everything and found my very favorite items. I’ve separated them into categories below so it’s easier to shop, and then below that I’ve shared 4 tips for shopping this sale in the smartest way possible. Trust me, you won’t want to miss that part!

click the images in each widget below to shop my favorites! 
You guys probably know by now that dresses are my favorite thing ever. And the sale has a ton of amazing options, both basics and also statement dresses. It’s impossible to pick a favorite, but I do love this colorful wrap dress, this red and black dress, and of course this neon red fit and flare dress!
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Fall (and subsequently cooler weather) will be here before you know it! I always love adding a few new sweaters to my closet for the fall, and this year oversized cardigans are so on trend. All of my favorites are listed in the widget below, but I particularly love this fringe and striped sweater, and this super basic long cardigan (perfect with dresses or t-shirts)! 
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Ok, so these are technically dresses, but I love the look of these mini swing dresses over a pair of skinny jeans with ankle boots and a felt hat for Fall. Such an effortless, boho chic look! I rounded up a few of my favorite “tunics” because there were just so many good ones. This blue polka dot one is definitely a favorite, as is this burgundy floral one.

For shoes and boots, this is the time to pick them up for winter time. These tend to be the most expensive kinds of shoes, so take advantage of the prices being nearly cut in half. I’m excited about this black suede over-the-knee pair that’s on sale for under $100, and these Frye boots that are $150 off. I’m also obsessing over these light ankle boots that would go with absolutely anything for any season!

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It’s hard to think about cooler weather when it’s scorching outside, but when the cold hits you’ll be grateful you picked up a few layers on huge sale. I love this bright orange coat.
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And don’t forget the accessories! My favorite watch is my gold Michael Kors one, and there are a few on sale right now! I’m also loving these gold Kate Spade glitter earrings that are on sale for under $25!

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I’ve started expanding my handbag portion of my closet this year and began picking up designer purses when they’re on sale. If you take care of them, they’ll last you for ages, and will be classic enough that it won’t go out of style in the next five years. My current favorite color is light pink, so of course I absolutely adore this blush kate spade bag. But of course a caramel colored tote bag has been on my list for ages, so I’m obsessing over this one that’s only $31!

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You can also see ALL my favorites right here in my SHOP tap on my blog’s navigation bar!

Now try these tips for shopping the sale smarter:

1. Shop online. You’re not the only one who knows about this awesome sale. For the next few days, the stores will be chaos, and within a few hours the size and colors you want might be sold out. Plus, who would want to deal with dressing rooms during the mad rush? Nordstrom always has free shipping, with no purchase limit, so take advantage of your nice quiet house and make your purchases from right on your couch.

2. Shop Smart. Go into the sale with a game plan. When shopping sales, it’s easy to get caught up in all the low prices and end up with things you don’t love. Make a list of items you want to add to your closet and use that as a guide as you shop. Also, use the filter options to narrow your search to just heels, or just crossbody bags so you don’t get too overwhelmed.

3. Shop early! This sale is only open to Nordstrom card holders for the first week, and trust me. After that, most of the good stuff is gone. So I recommend applying for a Nordstrom card so you can get the very best deals. I know many people feel nervous about a store card, and honestly I am always dubious about them and try to stay completely away from a wallet full of store cards. But for a small select number of stores that I shop at regularly, who provide cards that give me great rewards and benefits, it sometimes makes sense. And for Nordstrom, it absolutely makes sense for me.

With my Nordstrom card, I can shop early and find the items I really want (rather than buying stuff later just because it’s on sale). I also earn points for every dollar I spend, and having Nordstrom Cash show up in the mail every once in a while is the best. I can also manage my card online so everything is paperless; and if you get the credit card you can hook it up to your bank account to automatically pay your bill every month so you don’t have to worry about your paper statement.

The Nordstrom card has three options so you can find one that fits your lifestyle the best:

  • A debit card that gives you early access and 2 points for every dollar spent at Nordstrom 
  • A Nordstrom retail card that works as a credit card, and gives you early access and also 2 points per dollar spent at Nordstrom 
  • A Nordstrom Visa card which you can use just as a regular credit card, but you get the early access, 2 points per dollar spent at Nordstrom, and 1 point per dollar spent everywhere else. 
4. Pick one, buy two. If you’re buying online, it’s hard to know exactly how things are going to fit, so do yourself a favor and pick it up in several sizes. You’ll be bummed if your box arrives in the mail a few days later, the size you picked doesn’t fit, and the size you need is now sold out. And with the size that doesn’t fit? Return it for free by mail, or return it to any store. So easy.
Now it’s time to get shopping and start getting your closet ready for Fall and Winter — bring on the ankle boots and sweaters!


  1. Liv says:

    Can’t wait to shop. Thanks for the tips.



  2. Van says:

    Those leopard shoes!

  3. Heidi D. says:

    Such great tips! And I need them…I am totally overwhelmed!

    Wishes & Reality

  4. perfect tips! and perfect picks for the sale!<33


  5. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    I’m obsessed with that floral print dress in the top row… and I think I’m applying for a Nordstrom card now!



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