When we moved into this house almost 2 1/2 years ago, we almost immediately got everything set up and in place. We’re not ones to live out of boxes (especially my husband), so we spent the first month or two decorating and arranging like crazy. So for the last two years everything (except F’s nursery) has been pretty complete. But you know how it goes…after a while you just get the itch to redecorate. So of course I started with our master bedroom. I didn’t do anything super drastic (although Philip might disagree with you), but a few little updates made a big difference in the functionality of the bedroom and the overall appeal for me. 
Our tiny closets hardly give us any space, so adding a dresser added a lot more storage. Plus it gives me a place to display a little bit of my jewelry. I also added floating shelves on the wall next to my side of the bed since there’s no room for a table, but I needed some storage. I hated having a pile of books and my phone sitting on the floor next to me every day, so they solved that problem. I also added a few more pillows from Caitlin Wilson’s gorgeous shop, a new bedspread and pillow shams (since our old ones were getting a little dingy) and a shower curtain in the bathroom to hide the ugly sliding shower doors. 
Simple updates, but they make a huge difference for me. Now I’m excited to share it with you!

Bedroom Room Details:

headboard: home decorators collection
frames above the bed: ikea
bedspread and pillow shams: c/o kassatex fine linens
gray throw pillows: west elm (here and similar here)
gold and spotted throw pillows: caitlin wilson textiles, c/o (here, here, and here)
bedside table:
red bench: west elm
standing lamp: lamps plus (similar here)
floating shelves: ikea
sunburst mirror: target (similar here)
rug: rugsusa 
dresser: wayfair, c/o
jewelry bowls: kohls
zinc letters: anthropologie

Bathroom Details:
black jewelry tray: target
mirrored jewelry box: target
bathroom accessories (tissue box, perfume tray, porcelain box):  kassatex, c/o
cotton ball and q-tip jars: hobby lobby
wall art: calligraphy by jana laurene
shower curtain: kassatex, c/o

If you want to know details on anything I didn’t list above, please leave me a comment!


  1. Christina Storm says:

    SUCH a gorgeous space! Thank you so much for sharing!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. jennifoundinmycloset says:

    Such a beautiful space! It looks amazing!

  3. I am in love with those pillows! Everything is just beautiful! !

  4. Shae says:

    Super cute! I’m loving all of the white and those pillows!

    Shae at

  5. Très chic! I absolutely love the pop of red at the foot of your bed. Such a clean, white bathroom, too! 🙂

    Circus & Bloom

  6. Allyson says:

    Beautiful! Where did you find the letters hung above the dresser?

  7. Deonna says:

    I’m a big fan of white bedding too 🙂 It’s so versatile and gives my room that spa hotel feeling without leaving the house! Simple is best…and wow that is a sunglasses collection 🙂

  8. Mary says:

    Beautiful! And is that Deliberate Motherhood I spy on your floating shelf? I’m on the POM board so I love that you’re reading that! Hope you join us at another retreat soon. 🙂

  9. Cheri says:

    Where did you get the littler holder for your make up brushes??

  10. kimmie says:

    Gorgeous room! Love the bedside table 🙂

  11. Coco says:

    It looks amazing! I love the floating shelves idea, great way to add storage space!


  12. Sarah Polk says:

    I am loving your bathroom! Where are you storing your make-up?…the mirrored jewelry box? I was thinking of putting all my daily stuff in an apothecary jar or maybe a larger mason jar.


  13. Nick says:

    As a California native I should warn you that you really shouldn’t have those frames above your bed

  14. Anna D Kart says:

    Looks so pretty and white! I’m afraid it would be impossible to keep it so clean with a toddler (or two) running around HA! love the inspiration behind the headboard

    Happy Medley Blog

  15. Meghan Jenson says:

    I love the white- it makes the room look so much bigger.

  16. Anna says:

    I love this room! what size frames did you buy from Ikea? Was it difficult to find prints for right fit? I bought the 50cmx50cm but thought maybe it’s too big.

  17. This is just gorgeous! I’m redecorating my bedroom and I was wondering what color you have on your walls? Is it white or is it a soft grey?

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