cape made by me (fabric c/o pendleton)
jellypop ankle boots (buy here)

Capes are one of this season’s biggest outerwear trends, so it only seemed fitting that I try my hand at one. Pendleton sent me this gorgeous wool blend fabric, and the colorful arrow pattern was just screaming to become a cape — so I obliged. And as it turns out, they’re insanely easy to make, so they make a perfect holiday gift for your sisters, friends, or any other fashionable women in your life!

Click through to find the super easy tutorial, and have a happy Friday!

Materials Needed:
1 to 2 yards fabric (mine was 64″ wide, so 1 yard was enough)
matching thread

Step 1. Lay your fabric out flat and cut a slit halfway down the middle of the fabric, as shown.

Step 2. Hem around the slit by folding the edge over and sewing around the entire slit with a straight stitch. Tip: Use scissors to clip notches in the seam allowances at the top of the slit so the hem sits nice and flat and smooth. 

Step 3. (optional) To give the cape a softer look, cut the corners into curves.

Step 4. Hem the edges around the entire cape. Press all your seams, and you’re done! So easy, right??

This post was brought to you by Pendleton and Shop At Home