top: c/o kiki la’rue // jacket: c/o chicwish // jeans: american eagle // boots: c/o lulu*s // bag: c/o lily&jade // scarf: gift from my mom (similar — on sale!) // watch: burberry
On Saturday I got the devastating news that one of my high school friends lost her 13 month old baby girl to meningitis. She started showing signs of sickness in the morning, suddenly stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital, and then passed away a few hours later. All weekend I have felt completely sick and heartbroken over the news, especially knowing that this tiny girl was completely healthy and vibrant only a matter of hours before her passing, and of course thinking of my own 13 month old baby. 
I also recently heard about two sweet little boys, Carson and Beckham, who are each battling cancer. Thirteen years ago this month my sweet three year old brother, Shepard, lost his battle with brain cancer after a year of surgery, chemo, and fighting, so of course Carson and Beckham’s story hit close to home. 
Both of these recent stories have not only made my heart ache for these families, but also reminded me how fragile life is, and what is really important to me in this life
So if you do anything this holiday season, even if it isn’t to donate to these particular families, skip one shopping trip and donate what you would have spent on a new top to someone in need. Do something good. Give back. That’s what this season is all about, isn’t it? Let’s celebrate life, families, charity, and good works, and share the love of Christ. 
you can donate to carson and beckham here, and baby jane’s family here.


  1. In August my best friend lost her baby 32 weeks in utero. I am 32 weeks as of Saturday. I still struggle with it. Its hard to embrace any loss, especially one like that. Prayers. xoxo

  2. This is awful the families are in my prayers.

  3. Lindsay says:

    I grew up in Vegas, and baby Jane's grandma was my young women leader. I babysat for her a couple of times when her kids were young, so I knew Jane's mom even though she was younger than me. And this is the second person I have known from Vegas who died suddenly from meningitis, the first was a woman my age and now baby Jane. So, so sad.

  4. Thanks for such a great reminder to focus on what's important. I'm thinking of your friend and her family, as well as your family.

  5. This has to be one of my favorite looks of yours! So great!

  6. Lindsay says:

    My SIL has been friends with Christy for forever, and so our paths have crossed on occasion. When I heard of baby Jane's passing this weekend, my heart just broke for their little family. Tears have been shed and prayers offered in behalf of their family, I am so devastated for them.

  7. Beckham is Matt's old roommates son. I can't even think about him without crying because he and Maxson (and B) are the same age and I just can't even imagine. I'm so happy you are a part of this bloggers give back to give more exposure to sweet Beckham! And the other boy too! And so sorry about your friends baby, that is seriously horrifying and so so sad.

  8. Leah says:

    Loss of a child at any age is devestating but to lose one so young and innocent is just heart rending. Hearing of tragedies like this always straightens my focus and helps me enjoy every moment with my kids.
    I am very sorry for the loss of your brother so many years ago. I have two friends who lost their baby boys just days after birth and they have said that they always know how old their babies would be to the day, had they survived. It is nice to know that even after someone is gone, they are always remembered and loved by those they left behind. It is a sweet testament to their life, even the very brief ones.

  9. kylie says:

    You always look so put together!! It's inspiring!! Is there any way that you could try to describe how you did that topknot in the first outfit? I know that it's hard to explain sometimes (at least for me, since I always end up doing something different!) But yours is adorable!! Thanks for the ideas!!

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