With my birthday this weekend, I’ve rounded up a few things that I’ve been wishing for. Even if I don’t give him a list, Philip always does a great job (he’s probably one of the few men that doesn’t need a guide to gift buying), but these are a few things I’ve asked for or will gift to myself πŸ™‚


1. In my first Babble post, I wrote about five summer essentials, one of which was a white dress. I linked to this Asos one and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I also love this one.
2: I ran out of my old perfume recently and have been since been hunting for a new one that I love. Over the weekend in Palm Springs, Philip and I tried out a ton and I fell in love with this one.
3+4. Leanne and Melissa about fell out of their chairs during fabric weekend when I told them I still used scissors to cut out all my projects. It’s time to come out of the dark ages and start using a mat and rotary cutter. They’re high on my list!
5. There is a hole in my closet that needs to be filled with a neon belt. That’s all.
6. I have been hunting for a nice, short sleeve, flowy white blouse for a while, and although I like this one, I don’t like the price tag. Anyone seen anything similar at a lower price point?
7. I’ve been wanting a dress form for a while now because trying on my projects a million times (a.k.a. sewing in my underwear) is getting old. I’m pretty sure having a dress form will change my life πŸ™‚

Happy Thursday!