Four Months

Following in Janssen’s footsteps, here are four things about this little man at four months.

  1.  He continues to be super vocal. Mostly it’s babbling, but when he’s mad it’s the highest pitch scream you’ve ever heard. We’ve also heard a few “dada’s” over the last week or so, which makes a certain man in this house all sorts of happy. 
  2. He watches Peanut all day long, following him with his eyes, and straining his neck to watch when he walks away, all the while wiggling and squirming as if he is just itching to jump up and join the fun. 
  3. His favorite thing right now is to stand, jump and stomp his feet. It’s like a hilarious little hoe-down every day. 
  4. His eyes are still so blue. It’s hard for me to imagine that two very brown eyed parents could produce a blue eyed babe, but those recessive genes might pull through for this guy. Only time will tell. For now, we call him our “little blue-eyed boy.” 


  1. Ok, I'm kind of a blog stalker (your blog was recommended by one of my best friends, Rachel Martinez), but I've never commented before, but it must be said…your baby is stinkin' cute. πŸ™‚ Thanks for blogging!

  2. Kate Craig says:

    aw, he looks like a rascal in that first picture πŸ™‚

  3. Jenni says:

    He's getting big!! That is such a cute little face!!

  4. Abby says, "Awwww, he's so big."

  5. Super cute kid. BEAUTIFUL EYES. Though…the blue eyes may not last forever. I had bright gray-blue eyes until I was over the age of three. Now my eyes are hazel/brown. And I even had a blue eyed dad. Weird, right?

  6. Kayla says:

    No, it does not get cuter than that boy right there! I just love him!

  7. Oh my goodness, he is cute!!!

  8. Kristina says:

    He's gotten so big! Cute pics!!


    Kristina does the Internets

  9. Landen says:

    Oh my word, he is DARLING! I can't to kiss those chubby cheeks myself!

  10. Kimber says:

    i could just eat his little face up! so adorable!

  11. He is too precious! I love his little smile in the first picture!

  12. amy says:

    He is adorable. Just so you know, I am brown eyed and hubs has hazel. I have 2 blue eyed girls. One is summer sky blue the other is stormy blue. Took us awhile to figure out where it came from.

  13. Kensie Ann says:

    He's absolutely amazing! Those cheeks kill me!

    btw, I made pizza the other night using your dough. It turned out amazing! I posted about it today so I linked to your post.

    And thanks so much for the help with the statement necklaces. You're the best! We sure miss you here in Provo.

  14. Lauren says:

    What a cutie πŸ™‚

  15. Janssen says:

    Ani is a mega-talker too (although nothing that sounds like words. . .just constant babbling). So cute!

  16. Packrat says:

    Just love that square little face and bright eyes! Such a cutie.

  17. Brynn says:

    Your little guy is SO CUTE. Seriously. I even emailed this link to my mom simply to show her how freaking adorable he is. That last picture of his serious face? I can't even. So CUTE.

  18. Monique says:

    He's very very cute – I'm sure you are very proud parents!

  19. Kayt says:

    He's so cute! My daughter will be five months on Monday, and she's a bright blue eyed baby. I have dark green eyes, my husband has brown, and we never thought we'd throw a blue eyed baby, either. My mother in law is Filipino, and my dad has brown eyes, too. Our son was born with brown eyes, too. It was a shocker to see Fi with blue eyes at birth, and it's been even more surprising she's kept them!

    How's Peanut doing with him? Our four year old is still enamored with his little sister; I'm bracing for when she starts messing with his toys.

  20. What a adorable baby boy, soo beautiful.
    I gave birth too twins, a boy and a girl 10 years ago. My boy had big brown eyes right from birth and my daughter had big blue eyes until she was 2 years, then they started getting green/brown.
    Love from Susanne,

  21. Rachel says:

    Your boys are so darn cute! What are you going to call Peanut on the blog when he's in high school? πŸ˜‰

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