gray cardigan: target, yellow shirt: swapped, scarf: made by me, black jeans: f21, boots: target
For the last few months we’ve been working on colors with Peanut. It took him quite a while to get the hang of it, and he’d go through phases where he’d guess one color (usually red) no matter what color you pointed to, and so many times I swore he was color blind, but finally one day, a few weeks ago, it clicked. 
He still gets confused between black and brown, and red and orange, but it’s so funny when he walks up to me and says in his little high pitched and raspy baby voice, “what color’s dis one, mommy?” 
Today, all day, he kept telling me about his “orness” (orange) shirt, and my “yewwow” shirt, and then climb on my lap and ask me one by one what all the colors in my scarf were. I’m so proud of him when he finally figures out how to say words correctly, but I’m seriously going to be so sad when he finally says “orange” the right way. It’s my favorite. 
  • aw that is so cute! I can't wait til my nephew starts talking, we can already tell he's going to have a lot to say! lol

    This is a really cute outfit! How did you make that scarf?!

  • That shirt kills me… such a great color on you!!

    Maggie B.
    "Finding Myself"

  • i have that same shirt. i love it. you look great.

  • He sounds sooo cute!!! And your outfit is great too, I really love that scarf!

  • Sweet little peanut, I miss that boy! It's so funny you posted this because I tell Mike almost everyday,"I think Roman is color blind! He thinks everything is blue!" Good to know he's not the only one who went through this!

  • Oh man, I LOVE baby voices.

    lace, etc.

  • Oh so cute – outfit and your darling boy.

  • Oh- I have to say- Gabe still says orange "mormange" and I just can't stand to correct him. It's way too cute- and it won't last long enough!

  • I love the scarf! It goes perfectly with the yellow shirt!


  • RA

    This is such a great, simple look.

    I keep reading the title as "yeowww!" as if you had burned yourself. Or were catcalling someone.

  • This is lovely! I love how well that top goes with the scarf!

  • Love this cute color combination…always a go-to that works! Your son sounds adorable…I'm working on colors with my 2 year old right now too! Have a great day!

  • What a perfect outfit…little peanut sounds too cute as well!

  • Peanut is so smart! M isn't even close to knowing colors… You'll have to show me what you did to teach him. oh and your outfit is adorbs as usual 🙂 see you soon!

  • I love this bright and sunny look! I need more yellow in my life. That's so cute how your son says "yewwow" 🙂


  • orness sure is cute, but yewwow is pretty adorable too. 🙂
    this look is really pretty. i am in love with your scarf. how did you make it?

  • Love the yellow…and the printed scarf is such a great addition to the outfit!

  • My high school colors were black and yellow, so I have a hard time wearing them together without feeling school-spirit-y, but you look fabulous; I ought to give it another try.

    Also, baby voices and words are the absolute cutest!

  • That scarf is gorgeous! It looks fabulous with your yellow shirt!

    See Me Rwar

  • that is so cute! love this outfit. I'm your newest follower! Hope you're having a good week!

  • Love the yellow. So cheerful in this blah January!

  • You made that scarf yourself? That's awesome! It goes so well with the top and cardigan.

  • High pitched raspy baby voice? *squealllll* so cute. Great colors, Merrick!


  • Merrick, I love love love this outfit of yours! Probably because it looks like something I'd love to wear. The scarf pulls it all together. Masterfully done!

    Cable Car Couture

  • Aw that's adorable! Loving this outfit – the yewwow and gray look so good together 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray