Model Status

So….what do you think. A modeling future for The Peanut?

check out that sweet pose!
it’s all about the serious face… maybe not…

[disclaimer: we have no intentions of pushing Peanut into baby modeling…I just died laughing when I saw that last photo and could not resist]

  • HA HA! I love it!
    Don't lie, your only purpose for bearing children is to put them in modeling and pageants so they can make you the big bucks!

  • HAHA!! These are so funny – definitely Baby Gap material! Darling darling!!!!

  • Oh my goodness, he is a little Philip!!

  • Oh I love the poses! The best is the hand to the chin! cute!

  • What a ham! (You, too, you know.) I just burst out laughing.

  • SO SO cute! Oh my goodness! Now I have to come over soon to play!

  • He sure is studly!

  • Bahahaha!!!! He is too cute!

  • I could gush about B all day! I love him as my own. I love his chubby little hands!

  • What a stud! He is getting so big