Fashion Blogging

I think only two things can categorize you as a “legitimate blogger:” posting every day, and guest posting. As you know, I do not post every day, but today I am a guest poster. I am legit.

I’m over on Kayla’s darling blog today:

Freckles in April Fashion Blogger for a day


  1. kaila sue says:

    Woah dude. Excellent fashion blogging, I must say!

  2. Meredith says:

    oh yeah, you are totes legit. way to go! i loved your guest post, your embellished tops rule:)

  3. Whitney J says:

    oh my gosh LOVE IT! you are the cutest little mom and all those outfits were darling. p.s. where did you get those pointed patterned flats? SO CUTE!!! girl, you are so legit!

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