The Many Faces Of Peanut

  • love love love this, merrick. hes gorgeous!!

  • I think the bottom left one is my favorite. Squeeze him for me.

  • I love this. You are so creative and he is so cute!

  • Abby kept asking for you guys yesterday morning. We were laying in my bed and she kept asking where "Peanut" was.

  • Such a little doll! (Can one say that about boys?) Since Janssen started this, I'll say my favorite is the second one down on the far right. Of course, I haven't actually seen Peanut, so I'll let Janssen have the final say. Mom, you better speak up, too. 😉

  • I love how expressive he is. You can tell exactly how he is feeling just by the look on his face.

  • I love the expressions!

  • This is absolutely darling. I miss tending him! Not that he was as expressive then, but he was still as cute.