Four Months

Dear Peanut,

On April 12, only an hour before you were born, we saw your hair. The nurse was thrilled when she saw the top of your head for the first time, and excitedly told us that you had lots of dark hair. As soon as you were born, this became your trademark and was the thing people commented on the most. Four months later, your little head is only covered by a few sorry wisps. Everyone told us that baby hair falls out, but we refused to believe it. Now it’s like we live with a cat — your sheets, blankets, clothes, pacifier, and face are constantly covered in your hair. We have family pictures coming up, so we’re hoping you hang on to a little bit of it until then. Either that, or make those new hairs grow a little faster.

It’s amazing how much you’ve grown in the last four months. You’re turning into such a little man, rolling over all the time, reaching for things, recognizing my face, and constantly exploring things by putting them in your mouth. When you don’t have a toy to play with, your hands are pretty much permanently in your mouth. You’ve discovered how to suck your fingers (sometimes one at a time, other times two or three at a time), and you also like biting your thumb. We’re hoping that doesn’t turn into sucking your thumb or else we’ll have to turn you over to Grandad for some dentistry. Any time you get a chance, you put mine or dad’s fingers in your mouth and chomp away at those. For some reason having fingers in your mouth makes you talkative, so it’s a bunch of mumbled jibberish, and pretty hilarious.

You’ve become so talkative and interactive this month. I’ve started singing to you a lot, and you now immediately recognize my voice. You’re a great listener while I sing, and then when I get quiet you make the cutest little concentration face and with all the energy you can muster, you talk or sing back. Although you’re dealing with some anxiety issues (like bursting into tears if I leave the room for ten seconds), it usually calms you down if I sing to you from the next room. But even though the calm is sometimes short lived, you’re full of smiles and giggles the second I walk back into the room. This also happens whenever you wake up from a nap, or when I come and get you in the morning; you might be whining, but as soon as I come into view over your crib, you smile so big that I think you might explode.

Who knew being a mom could be the most fun and rewarding job in the whole world? I sometimes think about my working days spent in an office and I realize how lucky I am to be home with you all day. I wouldn’t trade this job for anything.

Happy Four Months, Little Dude.

Love, Mama

Progression from Lump to Little Man:


  1. Carole says:

    I can't get over how much he's changed! I can't wait to see him in just 2 weeks. He needs his Grancie to sing and smile with.

  2. Janssen says:

    I will continue to be in denial that my baby's hair will fall out. Until it falls out. Then I will cry.

  3. Packrat says:

    Peanut has changed and grown so much.

    Love that you are singing to him and that he is singing back. Maybe music lessons are in his future?

    It will be interesting to see if his new hair comes back in dark or if he will be blond for a while.

  4. Emily says:

    Addie's very sparse hair fell out and it stinks! She's also started having anxiety when I hand her off to people, ugh! It's fun that our kids are going through the same stages. 🙂 He's still a cutie, even if he's losing his hair!

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