Homemade Christmas: Day 3

Pretty soon after we got married, Philip got on a country kick and started listening to the country station to and from work every day. One day he came home and told me there was a song he’d heard that made him laugh, cry, smile, and cry some more all the way home.

When Landen, my mom and I went to The Wood Connection over Thanksgiving, I saw this board and knew I had to get it.

But it was $7, and their plain boards inside were on sale for $0.99. So with the same process as these boards, I made my own. And I decided to omit the sparkly white letters that they had chosen. A nice off-white was a little more appropriate for our little dude.

For now it sits on the windowsill in our home office, but in a few months when our little buckaroo arrives, it’ll hang on the wall in his nursery. Can’t wait.

  • CUTE! great idea!

  • Some people spent a ton of money crafting, and others use crafting to save a ton of money – you're my kind of gal!

  • Yours is SO MUCH CUTER than the one at the store.

  • That is a cute sign. The problem is that they don't stay little very long.

  • Hooray! That's adorable! I really want to go to that store sometime. We'll miss you guys!