Linking to Other Blogs to Distract From My Currently Boring Blog

Today Janssen wrote about having a blogging crisis. What to write about? Well, since I’m running into the same problem, let me link to someone else’s blog — enjoy their creativity and cleverness so you don’t notice how uncreative and unclever I have been lately.

Kathleen Dougherty is one of those people that I want to be. Just go check out all the cool things she makes! Specifically this awesome Anthropologie-inspired sweater:

Now I’m not just posting about this because I get entered in her giveaway for this pretty sweater (although that’s a bonus)…I’m posting about it because it’s inspiring me to sew and create prettier pieces out of simple storebought items. If I find clothing pieces that I like and can’t afford, I’ll just make them myself. Now, that’s sort of a bold statement, cause I’m really not that good of a seamstress. But I think I could handle something a little simpler like adding pretty lace to a plain cardigan. Do you think you could do something like this??

And if you click on her blog, you’ll see she did this for $6. Anthropologie is selling it for $118.

Now if you thought before that you couldn’t make this yourself, you better rethink that because that is a bargain you CANNOT pass up. And just think how awesome it would look in my new Daily Outfits on the sidebar.


  1. Janssen says:

    The “What I’m Wearing” thing looks awesome. And that skirt is VERY cute.

  2. i’m very excited about the ‘what i’m wearing’ idea! if only i got dressed up + cute more than twice a week i would take pictures of myself as well 😉

    i can’t believe she made that for 6 dollars! i knew that anthropologie was EXTREMELY overpriced, but COME ON! that’s nuts! i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you to win it, it would look so great on you.

    i’m off to read about janssen’s blog crisis…

  3. Packrat says:

    Yay, Merrick. Get out that sewing machine! 🙂 Overpricing drives me insane.

    I have really good intensions of remaking things, but never seem to get around to it. Only one of many projects, I bought I really cute patterned sweatshirt on sale for $5.99, but I “hate” the hood. I was going to use the hood to make a collar. Have I done it? Nah, I’ve just been wearing the hoodie as is and going around feeling sloppy. Oh, another example – there is a deep purple (absolutely gorgeous color) formal hanging in the closet that I paid $10.00 for at a thrift shop. There is $40.00+ worth of fabric in the dress. One of these days I’ll actually make something from that fabric. Sorry to prattle on.

  4. VERY cute sweater- hmm… dougherty huh? wonder if we genuis minds are related! Ha! maybe? anyhow, cute sweater- I do wish I was handier and more seamstressy- maybe this will inspire me to learn!

  5. I love your sweet poses in the What I’m wearing. Someone’s been watching ANTM! 🙂

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