Yes, I realize it was two weeks ago. But here you go:

I am a witch, and Philip is Flava’ Flave. Check out his sweet tats.

(hmm..not sure where that came from, but I think that will be the last time I ever say “tats.”)

  • His costume was pretty tight. Props. Yo.

  • You got the word ‘tats’ from me… I am super cool and use really neat words like that all the time. Maybe if you are lucky with will lend you some more to use!

  • haha thats awesome…all of it.


    That’s awesome. One of my roomates at BYUi was Flava last year. Phillip’s costume is definitely better though.

    (ps, Your penguin comment made me laugh — and smile. Even made me feel a bit nostalgic. Good times.)


  • I love that you used the clock from the bathroom…haha!

  • I LOVE the costumes. Better late than never. I hope y’all are doing well.