Because I’m just THAT good of a wife

Yesterday, after a full day of work, I left the office and called my little sister. We’re going to the BYU opera tomorrow night, so I had to pick up our tickets from her. She was getting ready for a big date to a DIFFERENT opera, and was frantically running around her apartment, simultaneously trying to get me my tickets, get her laundry out of the public laundry machines, cook broccoli and cheese soup, and find the perfect opera outfit. Meanwhile, my older sister called me and we joked about being the dad who is so embarrassing when the girls go on dates, and talks about his shotguns and what the boys intentions are and stuff. I love my sisters.

When I finally got Landen out the door on her date, with the perfect outfit, perfect jewelry, and perfect coat (borrowed from me), I went home. I was in the house for all of 10 minutes when Philip walked in the door. And there was no dinner on the table. Or cooking on the stove. Or planned one single bit.

“That’s okay…let’s just have smoothies.”

So we had smoothies and doritos for dinner. What a great wife I am.

I made up for it later by giving him a nice back rub and cuddling him in our bed for an hour, even though I knew I’d fall asleep (which I did) and have to get up later to paint for several hours (which I did).


  1. Janssen says:

    I’m such a good wife, I took Bart to the airport at four a.m. this morning. Vomit.

    And then I came home, went back to bed and dreamed I’d accidentally brought a tramp from the highway home with me and he pulled a gun on me. So yeah, that was awesome.

  2. Packrat says:

    WOW, 2 operas! As for the dinner for your husband, you are so my kind of person!

  3. Landen says:

    So regardless of the running around frantically, I felt like I looked quite fabulous with some help from Merrick! (ps. I looked just right! The woman sitting next to me had a mink coat! Good thing we picked the white coat!) Sorry about dinner!

  4. Sounds like life is still keeping you busy even after school! Ah, the joy of smoothies and Doritos for dinner…Life gets crazy, but don’t you just love being married!

  5. ashley says:

    Sounds like my kind of cookin!

  6. You are so cute. And I think you are a very good wife. 🙂 Love you.

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