Yesterday, my boss put in his two weeks notice. Basically since the day I started,' />


I’m sort of in limbo right now.

Yesterday, my boss put in his two weeks notice. Basically since the day I started, my other sort-of-boss, has told me that if my boss ever quit, I would pretty much be guaranteed his position. So here I am, all ready and eager to start, and what do they say? “Weeeeelll, we’re not sure if it’s a ‘good fit.'” Instead they plan to hire someone, recently graduated with a bachelors, who has managerial experience. Hello?? What exactly am I?

So right now they’re in the “thinking” stage. Who knows if I’ll get promoted to this job which I KNOW I can do, and I’ve vocalized on multiple occasions I KNOW I can do it, and the sort-of-boss lady says she KNOWS I can do, but no. Still thinking.

But WAIT!…there’s a big important 3 day long training session in Vegas this weekend! The boss was supposed to go? Well that seems somewhat pointless now. Right? So Merrick!! Go to the training session! We’ll spend $1500 on the ticket to get you in! But will we promote you after all this time and money? Well, we’re still “thinking” about that.

So here I to Vegas for Sunday – Wednesday. I will leave poor Philip at home for 3 1/2 days. I will sit in classes from basically 9am to 9pm for two days straight. I will fill my brain with tons of information.

And will I use any of this information? …apparently we’re still “thinking” about that.

  • That’s crazy. If you get promoted to be the boss right after Philip, you guys will be one bossy family!

  • As I said before, I found your blog through Janssen’s. I always look to see if you’ve posted any new recipes and/or paintings.

    Okay, I’m REALLY butting in here, because this is absolutely none of my business.

    Philip just received a promotion, but the job place is an hour’s drive away. Right now Philip has use of a company car and the gas is paid, but will this always be the case?

    Your boss is quitting, and the “company” is hem-hawing about giving you the promotion. Is there anything keeping you in Provo besides your job? You graduated – congratulations, by the way – so school isn’t the issue. I don’t know where you work or what you do besides paint, but could you get a similar job closer to the town where Philip is working?

    Maybe this is a good time to make a break and move. Just a thought. (You don’t have to answer me back, but feel free to tell me to “bugger off” if you wish.)

  • Some people are just stupid, consider putting them in that catagory if they don’t see the obvious jewel in front of their noses!

  • HAHAHAHA…you know why I’m laughing. I did what you told me to do 🙂

    Btw, it’s 9:30 on a Saturday night, and I’m here..running dubs. I love my job…I love my job…I love my job…