Well, it’s finally here…I just turned in my graduation form! I can’t believe I’m actually graduating from college in just 3 short months!

I actually filled out my graduation form with my advisor at the beginning of the semester, but I never turned it in. I just stuck it in a folder and left it for another day (stupid thing #1). Fortunately I reminded myself weekly that I had to turn it in, but I still left it for another day (stupid thing #2). Last week I decided it was time to turn it in and that I couldn’t put it off any longer. But when I went to fish it out of the folder, the folder was nowhere to be found. I searched through everything we own and it was nowhere! (stupid thing #3).

So yesterday, I finally went to the advisement center and made another appointment with my advisor. My appointment was today, so at 1:45 I headed over to her office and sheepishly went in. She actually didn’t remember that we had met before until I reminded her…whew. No demeaning looks, off-handed reprimands for losing my form…nothing. She did a count of all my credits just to make sure I was good to go, and then realized that I was half a credit short. I’d signed up for 9 credits for the spring semester, but I need 9 1/2 to graduate! We counted and recounted and sure enough! 1/2 a stinking credit short!

So now I have to find a 1/2 credit dance class or something that will take up more of my time, giving me less time to paint and do my statistics homework. And probably as soon as I get home today I’ll find my lost graduation form and it will say “sign up for 9 1/2 credits.”

But on the bright side, I won’t get to graduation day and be turned away for not taking aerobic dance 🙂


  1. Janssen says:

    Exciting! I can’t wait for that day in 12 months where I get to turn in my form for my graduation. It shall be rocking.

  2. Bart says:

    Weight lifting is usually an easy one . . .

  3. Nina G says:

    I’m so THRILLED that graduation is so close! I’m glad you caught the 1/2 credit problem before it caused you difficulty. Way to go! We’ll be there on August 15th will bells on!

  4. Excuse me — didn’t you just start college….like 4 months ago or something! good grief this went fast! (I’m sure not for you!) Congrats! by the way, what is your major technically called?

  5. My actual major is a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts. I’m sort of regretting doing a BA instead of a BFA (bachelor of fine arts), oh well! Too late now!

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