In anticipation for a thrilling new semester, let me share with you some classwork from the past. I would like to take pictures of projects from my oil painting class, but they’re all stacked up in my nice portfolio (birthday gift from my mother-in-law) and put away in the coat closet of doom. Once they go in, there’s no telling if they’ll come out. Seriously. Anyway, once I get some time to go digging in there to retrieve them, I’ll take pictures and post them. Actually that might be sooner than expected since my former painting teacher, Sunny Belliston ( asked to photograph some of my paintings for her BYU teaching application. She was a part time teacher last semester and somehow got a 200-level art teaching position, landing me in her class. Anyway, I’m digging out some paintings for her for Thursday. I’ll post them then. In the mean time, here are some charcoal and pencil drawings from my 100-level art classes that I took my very first semester at BYU.
This was a charcoal drawing for my composition class. The assignment was to create texture – mine was fur. I’m sure you all figured that out. You’re very smart.

The three pencil drawings above were for my drawing class. These were difficult assignments, particularly the crumpled paper. You might laugh, but try crumpling up a piece of paper and figure out where to start. That’s what I thought.

Happy Schooling!


  1. I remember trying to draw an egg in the one art class I took in college (my big mistake was taking it way early in the morning – I was barely awake during class and ended up not enjoying it at all), thus the end of my drawing efforts. Getting the shape of that darn egg was the hardest part!

  2. Sami says:

    hi, I’m a friend of Janssen’s. Are you in the BYU art program? If so, you don’t happen to be taking that drawing class from an old german prof. do you?
    your artwork is AMAZING!

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