Yay or Nay to the Mom Jeans?

Photography by Gabi Wells

white chloe dupe bag

Outfit Details: 

Marigold Bell Sleeve Sweater (wearing size XS), Light Wash Girlfriend Jeans (fit is TTS) – similar here, Leopard Loafer Mules (Similar Here), Ring Saddle Bag, Karen Walker Sunglasses

I did a poll on my instagram the other night about Mom Jeans. Do we love them, do we hate them?

Before I even looked at the results, my wonderful husband told me, “I didn’t vote. But if I had, I would have said I hate them.” So…there you go.

light wash jeans
wrist bell sleeves
how do we feel about the mom jeans?
mom jeans and leopard loafers
leopard loafer mules

I agree, it’s kind of a horrible trend, and for the most part I hate them too. But I am kind of loving the straight leg (especially with a raw hem), and I love the lighter wash (although I’ll always love dark wash best).

I found these ones at H&M the other day and I like that they’re not so high waisted that they have the 9″ zipper (please tell me you’ve seen the SNL mom jeans skit). They’re more of a girlfriend style, which is way better for me, and more flattering for everyone.

So what do we think…of these jeans specifically, and also of the mom jeans trend in general??

Leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts 😉


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  1. Natali says:

    Totally YAY to mom jeans, they look great on you! 🙂


  2. Animal says:

    Hate mom jeans….my husband would have said the same thing! These straight leg jeans look good on you. I

  3. Nikki says:

    I like high waisted jeans as long as the rest of the fit is great, too. Then I don’t think they look frumpy.

  4. Lindsay Sutherland says:

    When I think of Mom Jeans I think of horrible jeans that make your ass look a mile long, baggy in the thigh area and tight around the ankle…just horrible! lol The jeans you are wearing in the post don’t have any negative effects on how your lower half looks, so I wouldn’t call these Mom jeans lol. I think if your jeans fit properly, you won’t have that terrible Mom Jean look, so even a jean that is labelled as a Mom Jean style, might look awesome on one person’s body while looking terrible on someone else, just like any style of Jean…some styles look awesome on one person and terrible on the next. Jean are tricky that way I think 🙂

  5. Maddy Galo says:

    Totally hate the mom jean trend, and I haven’t met one guy yet who thinks they look good lol! These jeans you are wearing in your post look great though!

  6. Sharon says:

    I’m for mom jeans. It just depends how you style them. I actually bought a similar pair a couple weeks ago from H&M and my husband said “babe yo look so cute”… gotta love that.

  7. Darya says:

    I love mom’s jeans. So tired of wearing skinnies all the time. I’m so happy that this kind of jeans are back in style.

  8. Kylee says:

    I love mom jeans boyfriend jeans girlfriend jeans whatever they are calling them this season. High waisted and loose is my fave!!! My husband loves when I wear my loose jeans.

  9. isewtoo 2 says:

    Love the higher waisted jeans. I’m tired of pulling up my mid-rises when they fall down and create that unsightly muffin top!

  10. Linda Z says:

    I think they are very unflattering and add about 20 pounds. I couldn’t pull them off as a teenager in the 80’s and I can’t pull them off now as a mom! Haha! I have yet to meet a guy who doesn’t call them gross.

  11. Candice says:

    I love them!! I’m obsessed with mom jeans lately and can’t stop buying them. Yours are super cute and look great on you! I’m a lesbian though so I don’t give a crap what men think lol. And my wife prefers baggier pants on me anyways, less perverted men staring at my bum.

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