Time for this week’s dinner ideas! It was a really busy week with a lot of events, but I loved the time we had to eat together at home.

Our weekly menu will give you some good dinner ideas

Time for this week’s dinner ideas! While we had a lot more meals out/leftovers than normal, I still wanted to share what a busy week of dinners looks like for us.

Here’s a quick review of our weekly dinners: 

MondayHamburgers + Roasted Green Beans

The boys requested hamburgers this week, and typically I would make them with fries, but after a week of Thanksgiving dinner and lots of other big meals, I went with leftover green beans and roasted them up for a slightly healthier side dish. Yum!

Tuesday: Breakfast Burritos

These are a super easy dinner that I make often. Everyone loves them! I don’t really use a recipe — just ground sausage, scrambled eggs, and cheese, with a little bit of salsa.

Wednesday: Tortellini Sausage Soup

This is one of our all time favorite soups. It’s hearty and delicious and easy to toss together. Perfect for soup season!

Thursday: Turkey Noodle Soup (leftovers)

I made turkey noodle soup with the leftover turkey (and homemade broth from the turkey carcass) after Thanksgiving, and we had a giant pot of it, so we’re doing leftovers to get through it!

Friday: Order in Pizza

Saturday: Barbacoa Tacos

Usually we eat out or order in on Saturdays, but since we ordered pizza on Friday, we did crockpot tacos for Saturday dinner. I love a meal that can cook all day and be ready in the evening!

Sunday: Short Rib Bolognese with homemade noodles

I haven’t made this recipe in a while, and it’s been a while since I made homemade noodles! This is a great Sunday dinner!

Sunday Dessert: Chocolate Scotcheroos

One of our favorite family desserts!

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Weekly Menu, February 5-11

Time for this week’s dinner ideas! This week’s meals were perfectly easy, quick, and delicious for a busy schedule!

Our weekly menu will give you some good dinner ideas!

This week we made a bunch of simple, delicious meals that were a hit for the whole family.

Here’s a quick review of our weekly dinners: 

Monday: Breakfast Sandwiches with shredded hash browns

These are a quick and easy weeknight meal that everyone loves and gobbles up! I ended up having some leftover Canadian bacon so I added that as the meat and they were a big hit. I served with shredded hash browns that I cooked in the air fryer and everyone was a big fan of those.

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Ground Beef Tostadas with Roasted Chickpeas

We love tostadas, and I love that everyone can put what they like on theirs. We serve them buffet style. I served with roasted chickpeas and fresh blackberries.

Thursday: Lentil Soup and salad with crusty bread

I love lentil soup and this was a great and pretty simple recipe. I added ham just to give it a little extra protein and heartiness.

Friday: BBQ Chicken Pizza 

I love making pizza every Friday – it’s one of the best and easiest family traditions! My family’s favorite is BBQ Chicken with BBQ sauce, fiesta blend cheese, grilled chicken, kernels of corn, and fresh jalapeños. So good!!

Saturday: Dad date while Mom is gone

Sunday: Super Bowl!

For the Super Bowl, we’re making wings, a charcuterie board, our favorite apple brickle dip, and some peanut butter brownies. Go Chiefs!


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