Wardrobe Essentials: SHOES


Not all shoes are versatile. Choose wisely.

I was actually pretty disappointed with the shoes in the Nordstrom sale. Usually they have so many great ones, and this year the pickin’s are slim. But still there are a few super versatile shoes. Closet staple shoes are the kind of shoe you can wear with tons of different outfits, and that are neutral.

The most versatile and neutral will be BLACK or NUDE PUMPS, NEUTRAL SNEAKERS, TAN ANKLE BOOTS and BLACK ANKLE BOOTS, and HEELED SANDALS are a great option for the summer.





  1. Beth says:

    are tall/knee high boots out of style or a classic, in your opinion?

    • Merrick says:

      I think they can be classic! I have a pair I bought last year, but they’re not considered a STAPLE for me.

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