About a week ago my mom mentioned that one of her friends thought I looked like Elizabeth Hasselbeck (the conservative one from The View). I’ve never watched The View, and frankly have never even heard of Elizabeth Hasselbeck. So after that I went home and googled her – cause seriously? What else do people do these days. You’re lying if you say you haven’t googled yourself at least ONCE.

So I’ve decided to turn the decision over to you: Do you think I look like Elizabeth Hasselbeck?

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  1. sam says:

    when did you dye your hair?? it’s soooo gorgeous!

  2. Yep I always thought you kinda looked like her.

    And I love The View! I never get to watch it anymore though because I always have class.

  3. Nina G says:

    good thing you have your beauty mark or no one would be able to tell you apart !

  4. I would say you definetly look like her. I love her on the view, but never made the connection. but of course you are so much more gorgeous than her!!!

  5. I never would have thought about this on my own but I voted the “Holy Cow” selection! (I do watch The View and she’s not a bad person to be mistaken for!)

  6. Saskia T says:

    Whatever Merrick, you’re so much prettier than her!

  7. Packrat says:

    Your noses are different and your face might be a little fuller. You are prettier!

  8. trent says:

    Dead on. She’s insanely beautiful.

  9. Ashley says:

    She always looks semi- cross-eyed to me. Hmmm…
    Yes, I put that you two look like twins 😉 Ha, jk

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