The Mommy and Me Preschool Things I’m Doing with Sanny This Year

mommy and me preschool for my three year old

My three year old doesn’t go to preschool til next year, but he’s ready to learn so we’re doing some mommy and me preschool activities at home. Here are the things we’re doing.


Sanny’s Outfit
Similar T-shirt (found mine in stores, brand is 365 Kids from Garanimals)
Olive Pants
Velcro Sneakers
Shark Backpack


How we’re preparing for Mommy and Me preschool this year

This year I’m doing a little Mommy and Me preschool with Sanny. Nothing super formal, and with no other kids. Just some dedicated time together a few times a week, working on connecting and learning and playing.

I’ve done this with each of my boys around this age, before I’m ready to send them to official preschool, and it’s a really special time when I can focus on just them, and teach them one-on-one at their own pace and their own level in our home.

I’ve teamed up with Walmart today to share a few things I picked up for Sanny for back to school, both in their adorable kids section, and also a few educational items.


Here are the back to school clothing items we bought for Sanny

We got him the most adorable SHARK BACKPACK under $10 at Walmart.

Their GARANIMALS line has lots of adorable tees and pants, and these TWO PACK PANTS are a nice slim fit and super comfortable. Plus, under $12 for two pairs of pants!

I also love their WONDER NATION line, including these adorable MOTO JEANS.

If you have bigger kids, these LEVI’S JEANS are as comfortable as sweatpants! I bought some for both of my big boys.

These little VELCRO BOOTS are so perfect for little kids. They look adorable, but they have a velcro closure so no tying is required!

Walmart has PERFORMANCE POLO SHIRTS, which are my boys absolute favorite. They’re light weight, moisture wicking, and so soft. Way better than regular polo shirts if your kids need uniforms.

And my favorite LOW CUT COMFORTABLE SOCKS FOR KIDS are available at Walmart. These are so insanely soft and comfy — I buy the adult ones for me!


I’ve linked all of these and a few other favorites below!


Mommy and me preschool ideas
what we're doing for mommy and me preschool this year
mommy and me preschool ideas with walmart
mommy and me preschool activities with toddlers
at home mommy and me preschool activities for a three year old

Here are the activities I love to do for Mommy and Me preschool for three year olds

Magnetic Letters

These MAGNETIC LETTERS are my favorite, especially if you have a magnetic fridge. But they can also be used on the ground, of course. They’re a great and easy way to learn all the letters, teach your child what the letters say, and even begin to form small words for them to sound out.

These magnetic letters were the main tool we used to help B learn how to read when he was little.


Reading picture books.

We take a weekly trip to the library and stock up on library books. Picture books are so good for kids this age, and keep them super engaged.

I also love these PRIDDY BOOKS, and they come in a BOARD BOOK SET if your little kids need something a little more durable.


Singing together.

Singing and learning rhythm is so good as they prepare to learn to read. You can look up nursery rhyme playlists on YouTube or Spotify, but there are also plenty of CD’s you can purchase LIKE THIS NURSERY RHYME CD. Or maybe none of you have CD players anymore – ha! My kids listen to audiobooks on theirs all the time, so we have several.


Fun workbooks.

Workbooks at age three aren’t for every kid, but Sanny loves workbooks and coloring sheets. These BRAIN QUEST WORKBOOKS are my favorite, and I found this preschool version at Walmart and had to grab it. It has coloring, matching, tracing, stickers, and more very fun and low level activities that we can do together or he can do by himself. And I love that this one covers numbers and letters so he can learn both.

We’ve done almost all the older grade BRAIN QUEST WORKBOOKS for my big kids and they love them too.



My boys have all loved doing puzzles, and Melissa and Doug PUZZLES are some of our favorites. They are durable, educational, fun, and creative.


During this Mommy and Me preschool time, I really try to follow his lead, and just have a basic idea of what we’ll do each day. But he determines how much time we spend on each thing, and where it leads. The most important thing is for them to be with you and learn through play at this stage.

If you have any other fun ideas for a Mommy and Me preschool, leave a comment and let us know!



photos by Aubrey Stock
In Partnership with Walmart


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