The Best Black Friday Sales 2023

It’s Black Friday! I know some stores have had discounts for a while, but here is a round-up of my favorite stores that are doing sales. My team also included some of their favorites they’ll be stocking up on during Cyber Week.


Wading through all the discounts to find the best Black Friday sales can feel daunting – so I’ve done it for you! Here are some of the best deals on things I love, and deals on some great Christmas gift ideas!

My Team’s Favorite Black Friday Deals:

Merrick’s Stock-Up Sales:

  • BONDIBOOST DRY SHAMPOO. I tried this for the first time a few months ago and instantly fell in love. I’ve tried A LOT of dry shampoo and this was one of the first ever to really make my hair look and feel clean. The scent is pretty strong at first, but I got used to it quickly and really like it now. I’m definitely looking for a deal this weekend to grab a few more!
  • BOMBAS SOCKS. I’ve shared my love of Bombas running socks for the last year. Truly they’re the best socks, and I don’t want to run in any other socks! I’m looking for a sale to grab a few new pairs (and I’m putting them on my Christmas wishlist, cause you can never have too many)!
  • LULULEMON ABC JOGGERS. These are on Philip’s wishlist and are his most worn casual pant. They are fantastic, super high quality, don’t sag throughout the day, and come in lots of colors and different lengths. They’re on sale this week and I’m definitely grabbing a few pairs to put under the tree for him!
  • LOVING TAN. I have tried so many different self tanners, and I think this is my all time favorite. The color, how long it lasts, and the smell are the best parts of it. I’m looking for sales this week and will definitely stock up with a few more bottles.
  • PURA. I got my first Pura this fall and am obsessed. I already bought a second one and am watching for holiday deals this weekend to see if I can grab one or two more of the wall plug-ins and some extra scents.
  • WUNDERBROW. My favorite brow gel usually goes on sale this weekend and it’s pricey so it’s a great time to stock up. It’s a waterproof gel that fills in your brows and stays on allllll dayyy. I use the color Brunette.

Laura’s Stock-Up Sales:

  • PERK ENERGY: I don’t go a day without PERK! It’s the best pick-up in the morning and their flavors are amazing. Their sale is a GREAT time to stock up (I get some for favorite things parties too!). Of their hero flavors, I love the Dutch Hot Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Salted Pretzel. Their best seasonal flavors are Chocolate Mint Truffle and Sugar Cookie.
  • GLOSSIER MAKE-UP (20% OFF SITEWIDE): Glossier is hands-down my favorite make-up brand. During the sale I stock up on my favorite Skin Tint (I use it as foundation and it goes on so lightweight and is buildable), concealer, and the BEST PERFUME EVER! Truly, this is my signature scent and I’ll never use anything else! They also have a ton of bundles on sale during Cyber Week!
  • JUST INGREDIENTS: My favorite protein powder ever. My very favorite flavor is the chocolate peppermint that’s seasonal. They are having a great sale during Black Friday so I make sure to stock up.

Kristy’s Stock-Up Sales:

  • CLEAN SIMPLE EATS: This is my favorite protein powder.  I love all of the flavors and especially have been loving them with my Ninja Creamy to make ice cream with the different flavors! They have 25% off site wide! So, its the perfect time to stock up!
  • KITSCH: I got the heatless hair curler for my daughters over the summer.  We LOVED it!! I also ordered the Harry Potter silk pillow case and the Disney Princess silk pillowcase for my daughters.  I started using a silk pillowcase this year and it has been game changer! They are having up to 40% off site wide and I am going to grab a few heatless roller sets for birthday gifts for my girls friends and I have been dying to try these new heatless rollers for myself so I am grabbing those as well. Its a great time to try something new or stock up on your favorites!
  • BUDDHA GIRL BRACLETS: I LOVE my Buddha girl bracelets.  I have several sets and I wear them almost everyday. They usually do a sitewide 25% off during the Holidays and that is when I treat myself to a new set!

Shelby’s Stock-Up Sales:

  • MADEWELL JEANS: It’s been awhile since I bought some good new jeans and I’ve had my eye on a few pairs at Madewell. At 40% off, I’m definitely planning on grabbing them now!
  • UNDER EYE PATCHES: These Amazon under eye patches are my absolute favorite. I notice a big difference when I use them regularly and they’re super refreshing. They’re 50% off a pack of 20 which makes them only $10. I’ll be stocking up for sure!
  • LUMINEUX: I’ve loved the Lumineux whitening strips, toothpaste, and mouthwash ever since I tried it earlier this year and am just running out so it’s the perfect time to grab all of them again at 40% off!

Mary’s Stock-Up Sales:

  • CLEAN SIMPLE EATS: I have 2 favorite protein powders. Just Ingredients, the one Laura mentioned above, and Clean Simple Eats. They both taste great, mix up well in smoothies, and have so many yummy flavors.  This time of year, I love to stock up on my Clean Simple Eats favorites so I have plenty all year for my Ninja Creami ice cream recipes and my protein ball recipes. Everything is 25% off this week.  Items won’t be reposted if the sell out, so make sure and take advantage of this deal quickly.
  • ELEMIS: I have been using Elemis skin care for the last 5-6 years.  I LOVE what is has done for my skin.  My favorite products are the SPF 30 Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and the Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm.  The Cleansing Balm leaves my skin feeling so smooth and clean, and the Marine Cream is the best moisturizer I have ever used and it smells amazing!  If you want to give a new skin routine a try, take advantage of their sitewide 20% off sale.  There is also a 5-piece gift set (worth $154) that you get for free with a $150 purchase.
  • ZeroCarb LYFE: I love that most of the Black Friday deals I look the most forward to are food related! I LOVE pizza and I’m always looking for ways to fit pizza into my diabetic lifestyle. ZeroCarb’s chicken pizza crusts are delicious and made 100% of chicken so they are high in protein and low in carbs.  I love making a veggie pizza with Rao’s pasta sauce, arugula, artichokes, peppers, and mozzarella cheese.  A good old Margherita pizza with tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzarella is another favorite too.  Their Black Friday sale gives you 20% off your entire order.

The Best Black Friday Deals:

Apparel and Beauty:






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