Ten Months

Dear BB,

Life with you becomes more fun by the day. You are constant entertainment and you have us rolling on the floor with your hilarious antics.

The big milestone this month was standing. You have yet to stand up from a sitting position on your own, but you will often let go of the furniture and stand on your own without knowing it. That’s the problem…you pretty much refuse to stand without holding on to something, and if we try to make you do it, it often results in tears. We’re new parents…cut us some slack..

Although you don’t say too many actual words, you are constantly jabbering. And a lot of the time, especially while you’re playing by yourself, you jabber in a whisper. It cracks us up because it sounds exactly like parseltongue. And it makes me love your dad even more because he knows what that is, despite the fact that he’s not a total Harry Potter nerd like me (proof that he’s actually listening when I talk endlessly about HP trivia..).

One of your new favorite tricks is waving, and you never miss an opportunity to show it off. But to add to the fun of waving, you have learned to wave in three different ways, which vary from time to time. They include the floppy wrist baby wave, a one hand clap/wave with your fingers clapping down on your palm, and a very energetic full arm side to side wave. I’m not sure how you learned all these different methods, but it sure is funny.

Oh, and guess what? Your first tooth finally surfaced only a week after your nine month birthday, and was soon followed with a second tooth! They are only about half way out, but hey…at least you finally have something in that gummy mouth!

Love you infinity,


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  1. Bart says:

    Can't believe how grown up that little guy is. BB is what I go by at work in our documentation, so I thought you were writing to me for the first paragraph. Which was funny.

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