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Last year I launched an online sewing course with my best friend and sewing guru, Leanne of Elle Apparel. We both create sewing tutorials on our blogs, and get questions all the time about the specifics of sewing, or where to start.

So last year we created a two-part online sewing course that teaches a full foundation of sewing. If you’re completely new to sewing, start with the beginner course. It covers all the information about your machine (how it works and how to thread it), we talk about different kinds of fabric, we teach you how to hem, how to sew straight lines, and more.

If you already have a basic knowledge, start with the intermediate course that covers more advanced skills like darts, necklines, pockets, zippers, and more.

Both courses have 10 videos, and the last video combines all the skills to make an item of clothing — either an A-line skirt or a shift dress — just like the ones we’re wearing above! Both of these pieces are staples in our summer wardrobes, and we want to teach you how to make them.

Our course is 25% off this week with promo code SUMMER25, so grab yourself a course and let’s make some summer clothes!



  1. Natali says:

    Gorgeous ladies and such a great photos! 🙂

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