How to Style the New Spring Merrick White Collection Dresses

spring merrick white collection dresses

The brand new spring Merrick White Collection dresses drop today and I’m so excited to share them with you! We have a gorgeous slate dress, an incredible stripe, and our very first floral print! 


This might be my favorite Merrick White Collection drop yet. I love the floral print for spring and summer and the colors absolutely work into fall, and the slate blue with gold buttons is perfect year round.

Here’s a look at the three new dresses available today, and a few ideas for styling them.



floral merrick white collection dress
striped merrick white collection dress
merrick white collection striped dress and slate blue dress
merrick white spring collection
merrick white collection dresses
floral dress merrick white collection
floral and stripe merrick white collection dress
date night merrick white collection

A few amazing things about these dresses

These dresses are made of incredibly high quality rayon spandex. The material is cool to the touch, buttery soft, and thick enough to smooth over lumps and bumps.

You can machine wash them, dress them up and down, and wear them for years without any pilling.

They are truly one of a kind, and they’re also made in the USA!




Here are a few ways to wear these new dresses

merrick white anywhere dress floral henley
striped anywhere dress merrick white collection
slate blue henley dress


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