photography by sara walk
look 1: 
target tee (color not sold online, similar here)
DIY vest (tutorial here, or purchase similar here or here, both on sale!)

look 2:
asos dress (similar herehere, here and here)
Today I want to introduce you to an amazing online jewelry shop called Gemvara. They sent me a few of their pieces to style, and I was instantly drawn to the fact that they can be worn as every day sparkle, or for special occasions. My first look, with their delicate heart pendant necklace, alexandra ring, and cecilia ring, is perfect for a day of running errands, or a casual weekend, while my second look, with the simone ring, alexandra ring (again), and the saturn bangle is a stunning dressy summer look. But all the sparkly pieces could work for any occasion. 
My favorite thing about Gemvara, and the thing that makes them unique and so appealing, is that all their jewelry is completely customizable. Choose your design (of which they have a ton), and then customize it from any of their 29 different natural gemstones and 9 different precious metals. Plus, you can add engravings (which I think is such a special personal touch). They let me choose and customize a piece (which is being made for me at this very moment), and the process was so incredibly easy. I’m a visual person, so being able to see exactly what my ring would look like with different customizations was so helpful, and I can’t wait to receive it.
ALSO! Each piece is handcrafted in New York City, and made specifically for you, and there’s always free shipping and 101-day returns!
And now for the best part! Gemvara is generously giving away a $500 credit to their store so one lucky reader can buy something sparkly!
To Enter:
  • Visit Gemvara and sign up for an account with your email address (free and no obligations!).
  • Then come back here and leave a comment with the URL of your favorite piece (you can see a few of my favorites below!)

The giveaway will be open for one week, closing July 18th. 

And if you can’t wait, get 15% off for the next 72 hours (no promo code needed — discount will automatically apply when you click through here)!



  1. Natali says:

    You look so beautiful in that white dress!! Gorgeous outfit!

  2. rebecca says:

    Seed and pod eternity bracelet is amazing! Thanks for introducing me to this site!

  3. Tara Donohue says:

    Love your blog! It's always an inspiration. I see these gems paired with an all white outfit, maybe white jeans with tears. Or when the weather gets cooler with a leather jacket!

  4. I love this shop! The jewelry is so beautiful!! My favorite piece is this ring!

    Love your blog girl!

  5. i would love to get the ruby round cut earrings to replace the earrings my husband got for me after our baby was born – one of them fell out of my ear and I could never find it! I was devastated

  6. Kelseyf says:

    They have so many gorgeous pieces, but I'm really loving the simplicity of this ring:

  7. Kamara says:

    That white dress is gorgeous!! I love the Cecilia ring in black & gold!

  8. Love all of the pieces! Gorgeous looks!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  9. I love Gemvara! I can spend hours on that website! Here's one of so many favorite pieces:

  10. Whitney says:

    Oh my gosh! I could spend hours designing jewelry! There went my Friday morning. Haha. I really like the Delicate ring stacking collection and I would probably start with the Searchlight ring!

  11. Kylie Nason says:

    i would love one of the "love letters" initial necklaces in either sterling silver or white gold.

  12. Mindy says:

    Beautiful jewelry, I really feel like you just lost your accessibility factor–same with when you hyped up the Jade bag. Hubby has a decent job, but that's too much sticker shock for me–the least expensive things I saw were averaging over $100 and then the most expensive well over $1000. Don't get me wrong, the jewelry and bag look nice, but I don't know…I guess I'm more on the financially responsible side. To each their own.

  13. Beautiful outfits. I love the Liana ring with three gems. Thank you Gemvara for hosting this giveaway.

  14. Jessica Lee says:

    Loving this ring! ^^^

  15. You look gorgeous in that dress and love the lips! Love simple rose gold rings, the stack ones are cute

  16. All the jewelry pieces look beautiful! i love the looks swell πŸ™‚

  17. Shelley Sage says:

    I would love to get the initial necklace with an "e" for my new little girl, emma :]

  18. Bookworm1919 says:

    I love the delicate heart pendant you shared, with a tanzanite stone. Thanks!

  19. I love this ring: It's designed so it has my son's birthstone, and could be worn with my engagement ring and my wedding band. Thanks!

  20. Megan M. says:

    Oh, Man!! Everything on their site is gorgeous! So hard to pick one, but I'm a sucker for a pretty ring.

  21. wow, they have some super gorgeous jewelry!

    Sandy a la Mode

  22. The white dress is so pretty!


  23. Charity says:

    One Starry Night ring for me, please!

  24. sewphie says:

    What a wonderful site — love their pieces — here's my favorite


    I love both of these looks! Especially the vest…I've been looking for one just like this for a while.

  26. I love the white dress! And I love Gemvara's rings! So many beautiful ones!
    Especially this one:

  27. Cherie says:

    So many pretty things to chose from! Love it all!

  28. Marie B says:

    My favorite one is the Simone ring :

    It is awesome. I definitively want this one for my future engagement πŸ™‚

  29. Christina says:

    I love the customizable options and the website really lets you play around with each look! So beautiful!

  30. I love both of your looks. You always have great styles to show. They have gorgeous jewelry. I love so many pieces and one in particular is the Hercules Knot Earrings Thanks so much for introducing me to this site and for the giveaway.

  31. amybareham says:

    Your vest is so cute! Gemvara's website could be dangerous for me! In love with this little guy:

  32. There are so many beautiful pieces! What a great concept! This is one of my favorite pieces:

  33. Love thre stackables. I would probably start with GOM-LDY-27 and build from there. I'm actually not sure if# I have is what you meant by url ( I know I'm slightly challenged in the tech department…) but hope that's right. Would love to win!

  34. Hi! I always love your style and i'm such a fan. Anyhoo i love this piece, never gets old and can be worn with anything πŸ™‚

  35. Tara Howlett says:

    I would get this awesome ring for my even more awesome hubby. We were recently married and he got me my dream ring, and I think he deserves a great one as well! Thanks for the chance of this stellar giveaway! (:


    I LOVE this!! My husband is in the Navy and this is his birth stone. This would be perfect! It was so hard to choose just one thing though! Everything is amazing!

  37. This is the perfect giveaway for me! I lost my engagement ring and have been looking for the perfect ring to replace it. (luckily i had insurance on it!!). I love this ring. simple and beautiful!
    This one is by far my favorite thou! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  38. Jessie M says:

    Love the vest look! My favorite piece is, because it is almost exactly the same as a ring my Grandmother bought for me years ago, that I lost. I'd give anything to have it back

  39. Mary says:

    I love all the option for rose gold!! I love this bracelet!

    Thanks for the opportunity πŸ˜‰

  40. That dress is amazing! Also did some serious stalking at Gemvara and fell in love with a lot of their rose gold rings. They're beautiful. I love the simplicity of this necklace though


  41. Cindy says:

    Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. I love the Bubble Stacking Rings!

    Cindy Aiton

  42. Karrie S says:

    I would probably create my ring with silver and I'm not sure what color! Blue topaz?

  43. I'm completely in love with how simple this princess cut solitaire is. Stunning, and delicate, particularly in my birthstone. Perfection!


    I love this customized love letter necklace!!! And R for Ryan which is my sweet hubby! Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway!

  45. I have WAY too many favorites. But this one is the top contender right now. I just love the rose gold look, especially with the deep red of the red garnet.

  46. JACLYN says:

    I love these sterling silver earrings! My ears are sensitive and sometimes it's a challenge to find a style I like. These are so beautiful!

  47. I'm usually a dainty jewelery kind of girl but this thick banded ring stole my heart!

  48. Unknown says:

    My personal style is very minimalistic, so these earrings would absolutely compliment any look I'd put together. I'm so excited, I'm planning outfits already!

  49. I like the round aquamarine studs best! They are my birthstone and aren't as pricey as a lot of pieces on the site, so those are two big pros!

  50. jessi says:

    i'm such a suck for amethyst! and i love all the jewels with your white dress πŸ™‚
    this ring i would wear everyday!

  51. Kaytee says:

    This would be perfect stacked on top of my wedding rings for the birth of our son.

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