Sisters Share It All: Wardrobe Staples (Part 2)

Last week for Sisters Share It All, we featured ten wardrobe staples — items we think every woman should have in her closet, along with links to the pieces we would buy if we were going to buy those ten staples.

This week, we’re each showing our ten staples — pieces that we currently have in our closet and are the foundation of our wardrobe, or just get worn way too much to not be considered a staple. As you’ll see, my top ten items are pretty similar to last week’s list, which is just how it should be, right?

1. Little Black Dress. This dress is really similar to the one I linked to last week. I love it because it can be casual, dressy, or somewhere in between. In fact, you can see several different ways I styled it here.

2. Jeans. What more is there to say about a good fitting pair of jeans? These ones are from American Eagle.

3. Colored Jeans. I love the colored jean trend, and I’m currently working to get every color in the rainbow (I’m only sort of kidding). I just picked these up on sale at Old Navy last weekend for $12!

4. Stretchy Pencil Skirt. Although a pencil skirt is definitely an essential for many women, a stretchy pencil skirt is essential for me. Pregnant and not, I wear them all summer long with sandals and t-shirts. Mine is from h&m, but this one from Old Navy is nearly identical.

5. Wedges. I love a good pair of heels, but wedges are much more practical for my lifestyle. These ones from Payless come in several colors (although the camel color I have is apparently not sold anymore) and are super comfy.

6. Boots. Last week we had a pair of flats on our list of essentials. And although flats are definitely an essential for me, these boots are currently a staple in my closet, more so than flats. Come summer I’ll be singing a different tune, but for now I’m wearing the heck out of these boots.

7. T-shirts. Are you guys sick of me talking about my love for Target t-shirts yet? I thought so. Just go buy yourselves one (or ten) and live in them like I do.

8. Striped Shirt. A striped shirt is definitely an essential for me. I found this one at Sam’s Club of all places and have worn it to death. I’m currently on the hunt for a good short sleeved one.

9. Chambray Shirt. I have been searching for a chambray shirt for a long time and finally found this one a Target a few weeks ago (every other one was too heavy, too bleached or faded in the front, or too dark blue). These tops go with everything, and are great for layering. Definitely a staple for me.

10. Cardigan. I have a lot of cardigans, but this one from Target is currently my favorite. It’s super soft, and I like the slightly longer length. Plus, the light gray goes with absolutely everything.

Next week we’ll show you ten different outfits that we can make from these ten staple pieces.  In the mean time, go check out Janssen and Landen’s ten staples in their closets!

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  1. the stretchy pencil skirt is the newest addition to my closet. I love it and I agree with you — its perfect and goes with everything! xo

  2. Sarah says:

    Love this, can't wait for next week!

  3. I would check out H&M for good short sleeved (and long sleeved) stripe shirts. I recently bought one for $9.95. I need to get myself a stretchy pencil skirt! They are always stylish 🙂

  4. I think my new favorite thing is black or navy and white striped top with jeans and brown boots. Do you wear yours together like that too?


  5. I like this list and like that what you show and what you link to are affordable. I am a Target shopaholic. All our bedding (boys' and ours) and much of mine and the boys' clothes and shoes come from Target. I need to get a new LBD — the one I have is about fourteen years old and bought pre-kids (aka when I had a nice shape). I am not too sure about colored jeans — I wore them in high school (in the early 90s) — and I don't have a Chambray shirt, but everything else — including a pair of wedges (from Target) and boots (from Payless) — I have and wear the fool out of. Many of my pieces need to be replaced but I cannot find any that I like anymore (mostly the boots).

  6. Lindsay says:

    Love the striped shirt and the chambray! I have been looking for a chambray shirt for a while too, and I noticed that everyone seems to love the Target version. I guess I need one! 🙂

  7. I've also been looking for a chambray — mine is too small! It's hard to tell how the washes on the website though :/

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