Road Tripping

Like I said, pretty much all we did on this trip was eat (or maybe that was just me), but somehow I have no pictures of eating. So here are some other things we did.

At the Jail Tree in Wickenburg, AZ
Schnebeley Road in Sedona — window rock (we named it…aren’t we SO clever?)
Slide Rock

Pretty much all Philip did once we got to Phoenix 🙂
Practicing for when we sell our house and can finally use our BBQ that’s been sitting in Grandpa’s garage for seven months…
The outdoor flower arrangement my MIL and I made together.



  1. cari says:

    Looks like a fun trip. You hit some really pretty spots.

  2. The Packards says:

    Haha I love your water slide picture!

  3. Nina G says:

    THis looks like a wonderful trip! Fun, food and relaxation. Nothing else is needed.

  4. awww! what a fun trip! I love the 'jail rock' are you guys moving to sunny phoenix? We LOVE it there! I went there once a month for two years to get my montessori cert and I fell in love- slide rock is awesome! glad you guys had fun down there!

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