Portrait: Landen

Since it’s bothering me that I have the drawing of my engagement picture right next to the picture of my engagement picture, I need to post so it gets bumped down. Also, I have nothing to do since my day was chock full of art projects to be completed and then I woke up with the flu so now I’m laying in bed, barely able to look at the computer screen since it makes me feel nauseous but having nothing else to do. Or maybe that nausea is being caused by the pounding of a bass drum from my neighbor above us who has been playing Dance Dance Revolution for the PAST FOUR HOURS!

Anyway, I’ve been asked to post a project that I’m working on for my figure painting class. It’s far from finished, but I’ll post the progress. This morning I had an appointment with Landen to come sit for me (she’s the one in the painting) but I figured that throwing up all over the painting would not give it that look that I’m going for, so thus, no progress. So I’ll post progressive photos of it next week after I work on it.

I feel like this post is making no sense, so I’ll just put up the picture already.

By the way, I hope you all had an excellent Valentines Day. Philip and I decided to not fight the crowds, and since he usually doesn’t get home until around seven, we figured we didn’t want to have dinner at 9pm. So I made him a nice dinner — white bean and sausage soup — and he brought me home some sparkling cider and a beautiful pink and white chrysanthemum plant. I like the idea of that more than a bouquet of flowers that will be dead in a few days. He’s such a smart husband. Happy Belated!



  1. Janssen says:

    Sounds like a good evening!

    Last year, Bart bought me a potted plant too and I planted it in our planters by our front door – I hope it’ll bloom again this year.

    This year, he went the cut flowers route. It was a nice change from last year.

  2. Sorry you are sick, I don’t think there’s much worse in the world than feeling sick to your stomach! We, too, stayed home for valentines day. Dave is usually pretty good to get a reservation made for dinner, but forgot to this year (thus we had a choice to eat at 4:30 or 9:30 at the only really decent restaruant in Roosevelt). So Dave hit the grogery store on the way home and we cooked salmon and asparagus. Easy and yummy. I got my first ever dozen red roses. Beautiful- but now dead. But it’s nice to have gotten them at least once in my life! It’ll be fun to watch the progress on Landen’s drawing – the idea of drawing from someone sitting live sounds really hard!

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