All The Details from My Peach Party

peach party

This summer I kept getting ads on Instagram for The Peach Truck. I’d never heard of it, but finally after getting the ad several times, I clicked over and discovered that it’s a Tennessee based company that delivers fresh boxes of peaches all over the south!

So naturally I tried to convince Philip that we needed to buy 25 lbs of peaches. He wouldn’t go for it.

So I tried my next plan of attack…I texted a few of my friends and asked them to go in on the peaches with me. And better yet, how about they all come over to my house for a peach party! So we did just that.

Also we bought matching t-shirts, because it just felt like the right thing to do.


Here’s how the Peach Party worked

I ordered the peaches and picked them up on the designated drop off day. We split the cost of the peaches between us. When I picked up the peaches, they were very hard, but they told me they’d be ripe in a few days so I just needed to set them on the counter and they’d ripen.

I had all the girls come over four days later and they were perfectly ripe.

Since I was hosting, I chose the menu. And since it was lunch, I felt like a peach salad and some peach crostinis were plenty of food. We also made peach lemonade and peach cobbler, so there was plenty of food.

I bought the ingredients for the crostini’s, salad, and lemonade, and my friend brought the ingredients for the peach cobbler. Everyone else just showed up with their t-shirts, ready to cook and have fun!

If you want to split it more evenly, just assign one recipe per person and have them bring ingredients for that item.


Here are the recipes we used

Peach Lemonade

  • this didn’t turn out quite as good as we expected at first, but we ended up salvaging it and it was amazing. The recipe calls for the cooked peaches to be strained, and then some or all of the peaches to be added back in. We tried it before the peaches were added back in and it wasn’t peach-y enough. So we added some in, and although it gave it some pulpiness, it gave it a very strong, delicious peach flavor. We also added extra sugar because we felt like it wasn’t sweet enough. Those little tweaks made it perfect.

Peach Burrata Toast

  • This one was actually our least favorite of the crostinis. It was good, but the others had way more flavor. We ended up putting balsamic glaze on it just to make it a little more flavorful.

Blue Cheese and Honey with Grilled Peaches Crostini

  • I ended up doing this with Gorgonzala cause my grocery store didn’t have any blue cheese, but it was super good. The combo of the sharp cheese flavor and the honey was delicious!!

Honey Ricotta Peach Crostini

  • This was out of this world good. The honey and ricotta and peach combination was delightful.

Peach, Cherry, Burrata, and Arugula salad

  • I could eat this salad everyday for daaaaays. It was so, so good. The combination of the burrata and the cherries, peaches, and balsamic glaze was just to die for.

Peach cobbler

  • I don’t have the recipe my friend used for her peach cobbler, but she used Bisquick for the topping and this one looks fairly similar! We served with vanilla ice cream.


Table details:


I hope this inspires you to grab some peaches this summer and make something yummy!

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