My 5 Favorite Sunglasses

One of my top style essentials is a good pair of sunglasses. While I own a bunch of different styles, I’ve rounded up my top five pairs today — the ones I keep going back to over and over again!

Merrick's Art Levi Denim and Lace Top

Shop: Black Quay Sunglasses in “Black/Smoke”

Quay is one of my all time favorite sunglasses brands. I’ve tried so many pairs from them, and love pretty much all of them. Their price points are good, their quality is great, and they have fun and interesting sunglasses styles. This black pair is one of my very favorites from their line. The material is soft and comfortable, they’re really sturdy, and I love the style that adds a little bit of edge and masculinity to an outfit.

Merrick's Art Ruffle Yoke

Shop: Round Tortoise Frame Glasses

I’ve been obsessed with the Karen Walker Super Duper Strength sunglasses for years, and because they’re a big round style, I was concerned I wouldn’t like the shape of them on my face. So when I found this dupe pair for only $16, I grabbed those so I could take them for a test drive before I committed to investing in the KW pair. Turns out the $16 pair was pretty good — I’ve been wearing them for the last 2 years and they’re still going strong. I still plan to invest in the KW ones at some point, but these cheap ones have been great in the meantime — I even bought them in black too.

The UO ones are obviously much flimsier than the KW ones, and the KW ones have a more saturated and realistic tortoise shell design that I think is so beautiful, but you can’t beat a $16 price for a dupe.

Merrick's Art Thin Bar Angular Sunglasses via Nordstrom

Shop: Angular Brow Bar Sunglasses in Gold/Silver

I just recently bought this pair of angular brow bar sunnies and I’ve been wearing them non stop and highly recommend them. They’re only $12, and wire frames always make me nervous that they’ll be flimsy, but I’ve been really impressed that they don’t bend out of shape, and they feel comfortable and sturdy. These ones come in rose gold too!

Shop: TOMS Round Brow Bar Sunglasses

I love classic black and brown sunglasses, but I think a good pair of light colored sunnies is great for spring and summer. I bought this pink pair a few months ago and I’m obsessed with the shape and color. They go with everything, but the coloring is unique and so feminine.

I also got this pair, which is a similar color palette and style (without the brow bar), but for a much lower price point.

Merrick's Art Black Aviator Sunglasses

Shop: All Black Ray-Ban Aviators

A sunglasses collection just isn’t complete without a pair of aviators. I’ve owned a bunch of different aviator styles and colors over the years, but I also come back to my Ray-Bans. They’re the best quality out there, and this all black pair is so chic and is easy to dress up or dress down.

I also love that this style of sunglasses fits really well under baseball caps (which I wear a ton of in the summer)!


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  1. Andromeda DuMont says:

    Gah, I’ve been looking for some! I didn’t love the raybans brow bar Gatsby (they were flimsy) so I returned them. Will try the TOMS!

  2. Amy S. says:

    I personally don’t care for the metallic ones (with the bar across the top) at all. But the rest are awesome and you look great!

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