Monogrammed Throw Pillow (Tutorial)

Ages ago, I ran across this monogrammed pillow on Pinterest, and loved the idea. It’s sat there for weeks and weeks on my home decorating board until a few weeks ago I recently ran across it again and realized it would make a fun personal touch for the nursery. One pillow for each boy’s bed!

I started out with a plain white pillow case that I made (just like this one except without the piping — and because there was no piping to worry about it took all of about 10 minutes to throw together), and then did the following:

[note: because I thought I was way more awesome than I actually am, I tried free-handing the letter onto the pillowcase and planned to paint in the letter by hand. Don’t do that. The letter was in the completely wrong spot, way too big, and lopsided. And guaranteed my hand painted letter would have looked really bad too. Learn from my mistake and do it the right way first].


  • white pillow case (tutorial here)
  • freezer paper, pencil & ruler (optional)
  • fabric paint (I used black) and foam brush
  • iron
Step 1. decide on a font (I used Goudy Bookletter 1911), and then on the non-shiny side of your freezer paper, draw out your letter to your desired size. 

Cut the letter out. If your letter has an opening in the middle, like my “b,” just cut it out and then iron it on as a separate piece.

Step 2. Before you iron the freezer paper on, put your pillow form under your pillowcase and decide on the placement of your letter. I wanted mine in the bottom right corner, but not so far in the corner that the letter would be partially blocked when the pillow is upright and sitting on the bed.

Remove the pillow form from underneath and iron the freezer paper in place using your hot iron.

Step 3. Once your stencil is securely attached to your fabric, use a foam brush to dab paint onto the letter. Wait for the paint to dry completely, and then carefully remove the freezer paper.

Heat-seal the paint with steam from your hot iron and/or a quick run in the dryer, and you’re done!



  1. love this pillow!!! i am so not artsy but you have inspired me and maybe, just maybe i can give this one a shot.

    love your blog too 🙂


  2. love this pillow!!! i am so not artsy but you have inspired me and maybe, just maybe i can give this one a shot.

    love your blog too 🙂


  3. Danielle says:

    Love the pillow! You've reminded me that I've been meaning to try the freezer paper stenciling!

  4. Really cute! I love the font you chose for it, too.

  5. {amy k.} says:

    super cute and seems simple enough, might have to give this one a shot!

  6. Vanessa says:

    Nice pillow! It's so simple but very nice.

  7. Lara says:

    Hi, Merrick! I am a huge fan of you blog, too! This looks like a cool idea. Fabric paint opens up a world of possibilities and it is so instantly gratifying. I might try this, painting on a pillow slip, and putting it onto the form. Great idea. I also tried you "easiest pencil skirt" our of jersey. It was, indeed, very easy. I did put some no-roll elastic through the waistband, which helped it to stay up (goodness knows that I need it to stay up! :). Perhaps the elastic sin't needed with a thicker jersey knit? I'm totally staying tuned to hear all your great ideas here.

  8. says:

    thanks for the tutorial dear.

  9. Love this tutorial! Love your blog!
    Come check out the project that I am doing today on my blog. I think you would be great for it!!

  10. Lara:

    I definitely think a thicker jersey wouldn't need elastic. The thick jersey is better at holding its shape and won't stretch quite so much.

    If you still run into trouble and don't want to use elastic, put two darts in the back at the waistband to taper the waist a bit. This will allow it to sit snugly at your waist.

    Good luck!

  11. Kacie says:

    I love your tutorials! Now I just need to get some crafting skills 🙂

  12. Sarah Beth says:

    Such a great tutorial! Did you stuff the pillow case you made? Or just cover an old pillow? Thank you for sharing all your fantastic ideas with the world! I am your newest follower, although I have found tons of your posts via Pinterest (gotta love it).

    xoxo Sarah Beth

    Caring Cowls

  13. Sarah Beth:

    The pillow is just a pillow form that I bought from Walmart for a few bucks. Super easy!

  14. Kate says:

    What a creative, fantastic DIY tutorial.

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