Today I am so excited to introduce to you a project that my best friend, Leanne, and I have been working tirelessly on for the past year! We’ve been sharing sneak peeks of it for months, and today we’re thrilled to finally announce the launch of The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sewing!

Leanne and I have both been creating sewing tutorials on our blogs for years, and we get constant comments and emails from our readers telling us they wish they could sew, or wondering how to learn the basics of sewing. Well, we’ve come up with the perfect solution!

The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sewing is a two-part video series with a Beginner’s Course that teaches the basics of your sewing machine, how to sew a straight line, how to hem, and more. And at the end of the course we teach you how to create a custom A-line skirt, like you can see below.

And the Intermediate Series teaches more advanced skills like darts, zippers, sleeves, necklines, and more. And then we’ll use all those skills to make a custom shift dress, like you can see below.

These courses will give you the perfect foundation of knowledge and skills so you can sew right along with us as we work to create the world’s best handmade wardrobes!

Check out our promo video below to learn all about The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sewing!

You can purchase the Beginner’s Course, the Intermediate Course, or a bundle of both the Beginner and Intermediate courses to get a discount. (And Individual Videos will be available soon!)

We also have a few free videos over on our brand new YouTube channel, and more will be available soon, so make sure to subscribe over there so you’re the first to know when new videos become available!

But wait, there’s more good stuff! To celebrate the launch of The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sewing, we’ve teamed up with some amazing sewing brands to bring you the best giveaway ever so you can start sewing with the best of the best tools. Today through Monday, you will be able to enter to win one of 11 amazing prizes! (combined they total almost $3500!):

1st Prize — the winner is @sallen806!
Brother Serger 1034D ($189 value)
Jo-Ann’s Fabric Giftcard ($100)
2nd Prize — the winner is @babsalabs!
Jo-Ann’s Fabric Giftcard ($50)
3rd Prize — the winner is @multimamamiki
Jo-Ann’s Fabric Giftcard ($50)
3 Winners will receive:
Jo-Ann’s Fabric Giftcard ($50) — the winner is @kassadilla
Jo-Ann’s Fabric Giftcard ($50) — the winner is @karemyr
Jo-Ann’s Fabric Giftcard ($50) — — the winner is @aw82
5 Winners will receive:
Michael Levine Giftcards ($25) — the winner is @jenzzzington
Michael Levine Giftcards ($25) — the winner is @graciewpowell
Michael Levine Giftcards ($25) — the winner is @amandashawclark
Michael Levine Giftcards ($25) — the winner is @kara_muehlmann
Michael Levine Giftcards ($25) — the winner is @meldunn711
Please email us at [email protected] with your name and address within 48 hours to confirm your prize! 
Here is how to enter: [***CLOSED — winners announced above!***]
  • Follow @leannebarlow and @merricksart on instagram
  • Leave a comment on one of our specified instagram giveaway posts on either Merrick’s instagram or Leanne’s instagram, tagging 3 of your friends. Duplicate comments will not be counted.
For an additional entry:
  • Repost our specified Instagram giveaway post onto your Instagram with #ModernGirlsGiveaway.
Because we have so many amazing prizes, we want as many people as possible to have an opportunity to win, so we’d love your help in spreading the word! We will be announcing all the winners of the giveaway on Tuesday on Instagram. 
(view the official giveaway rules and regulations here)
Congratulations to our ELEVEN WINNERS, and thank you for everyone else who entered!
Your sewing skills and a handmade wardrobe await…click right here to join us


  1. Jana Tolman says:

    OH MY GOSH. I am so excited about this!! I have been following along with both of you for years and have tried a few of your tutorials, and I’ve always wished I could create custom stuff like you two. This is going to seriously help me out so much!! THANK YOU!

  2. Sue! says:

    OH MY WORD! This is literally like an total dream come true!!!! I love how y’all dress so cute and really modest! 🙂 Y’all are sooo cute. I love your clothes!

  3. Natali says:

    OH WOW!!! This is so exciting!!1 Congratulations!!!!

  4. Mindy says:

    So exciting! Can’t wait to fine-tune my self-taught sewing skills. BTW, any ETA of when the few beginner course and the few intermediate course videos that say coming soon will be available? I went thru as many as I could yesterday.

    • Merrick says:

      you’re a rockstar! They should all be up by Monday at the latest! xo

      • Mindy says:

        I have a lot of projects in a sewing queue, but a few skills I don’t have mastered have been holding me back. Ps I picked up a new buttonhole foot–thought I lost it, only to get home and discover I have a total of 3 now(whoops!) but I had the store let me try it before I left–not as hard or scary as I thought

  5. Corinna Ndolo says:

    Sounds awesome! NEED to know where your purple heels are from 😀

  6. Good, I like to sew, but don’t have all the skills, your tutorial will be a goo place to start

  7. Congratulations, Merrick! Yours was the first sewing + fashion blog I started reading when I got back into sewing, and I’m so (sew?) happy to see you growing your business like this. I’ll be checking this out soon!

  8. Sophorn Allen says:

    I’m super duper excited! !!!!!

  9. Carole Jennings says:

    The teenage fashion was the most beautiful chapter of life. Congratulation for the new start. Now when I see those Cute Outfits For Teenage Girls I get so fond of them. I am collecting all that for my little girl, who is going to be teenage in few years. Thanks for sharing,

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