How to Knot Your Tee (Video)

An easy method for knotting your tee

Tying a knot in your tee can add a little interest to your look, make a t-shirt more flattering, and make a basic tee even more versatile. Watch this quick video to see how to create the perfect t-shirt knot!

Outfit Details: 

White Tee (runs big – wearing size XS)
Rust Cardigan
BlankNYC Jeans
Leopard Loafers
Black Quilted Bag (Only $55!)
Gold Necklace

I’ve had requests for a “Knot Your Tee” video for years, so I’m excited to finally be sharing!

Tying a knot in a tee shirt is one of my favorite little outfit hacks. I do with with tees and jeans, tees and trousers, tees and skirts, and even tees over dresses.

Let me show you how to get the perfect knot.

how to knot your tee with jeans
my favorite leopard loafers

But first, the answers to a couple of questions…

Why in the world should you knot your tee?

There are a few reasons to knot your tee. Here are a few.

  1. If your tee is oversized, it’s a great way to make it make it more flattering
  2. It’s an easy way to add some interest to your outfit
  3. Knotting your tee is a good alternative to tucking your tee or half tucking your tee (check out my half tucking video HERE if you missed it!)
  4. The whole point of half tucking, tucking, or knotting a tee is to bring your t-shirt hemline up and let more of your leg line show. More visible leg line = longer looking legs.


Which t-shirts should I knot?

Tying a knot in your tee is easiest with tops that are stretchy, lightweight, and oversized. With these three qualifications, you get a nice, secure knot.


Are all t-shirt outfits eligible for a t-shirt knot?

Not all, but many. If you’re wearing a baggy or oversized tee, with jeans, leggings, shorts, dress pants, skirts, or over a dress, it totally works. If your tee has a slim fit, skip the knot.

learn how to knot your tee with this step by step video!
an easy video for knotting your tee

Check out this video to see how I create a perfect, secure t-shirt knot.

Or you can watch it over on my YouTube channel HERE!

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