My Favorite Dry Shampoo

Merrick's Art Suave Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is is your best friend for going longer in between washes and freshening and cleaning your hair every day.

My favorites are Suave Dry Shampoo and Amika Dry Shampoo. When my hair is dry, I liberally spray the dry shampoo throughout.

The key is to part your hair in the middle and spray parallel along the part, then do another part one inch down the side of your head and repeat. Then do another part one inch down from that, and so on down the side of your head. Now go back to the middle and part down the other side. Once you’re done with the sides and top, flip your hair upside down and spray along your neck. Let the dry shampoo sit for a minute or two, then rub through it with your finger tips. Now brush through with a Wet Brush (that’s the brand, don’t actually use a brush that’s wet). I repeat this every day after exercising and it works perfectly!


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