Halloween (Take 2)

Yesterday morning I held Mommy School at my house, so we did a little Halloween Party to celebrate. All the kids dressed up in their costumes, we read a few Halloween books, we decorated Halloween cookies, and we had a potluck brunch/dessert party to use all those pumpkin flavored foods we’ve been hoarding on Pinterest but haven’t made. I made this. There was no time for a picture since we all devoured it while it was still warm. With all the other amazing treats everyone else brought, we all left on the verge of slipping into a sugar coma.

After we ate, we took the kids outside and attempted a group picture. Not completely successful, but at least all the children were up on the bench and nobody fell off during the picture. 

Being outside also gave me a chance to take a few pictures of Peanut in his football uniform. Seriously, how could I not? That big diaper bum in stretchy pants was irresistible. 


It took us forever to decide on a costume for him. There were a million ideas on Pinterest, but none that I just loved. Plus, I was looking for something simple, fun, and also something he would keep on for more than thirty seconds (he’s getting quite opinionated about his outfits these days).

I don’t know what sparked the idea, but one day it just came to me — BYU football player. We always talk about how our solid little boy will be a football player one day, and since both Philip and I graduated from BYU, there wasn’t a more perfect costume.

 I got most of the materials from Walmart (and some I already owned), and then did some easy assembling. I took the pocket off of a big blue t-shirt, used iron on letters for the small letters on the front and back, cut out white felt for the “07” and sewed them on the front and back, and used folded-over (7 times) batting for the shoulder pads. I also used white bais tape for the sleeve stripes, and then used a bit of elastic to make the sleeves tight on his arms.
The pants I got from Old Navy in the girls section — leggings with little lace on the ankles. A little snip and some blue bias tape stripes and they became very masculine football pants. We used his navy blue church socks and black tennis shoes that we already owned, and my black eyeliner for his eye black.

 Thanks to Google and some coaching from Philip, it turned out better than I could have hoped.  Definitely keeping this one for future baby boys (or even next Halloween if Peanut hasn’t completely grown out of it!).



  1. Brit says:

    I was going to ask you where you got his jersey! I should have known that you made it yourself!! Seriously Mer – darling. And I love that these used to be girls leggings. He wears them well.

  2. Josh&Sharsti says:

    Looks like so much fun! Wish I still lived in Provo so we could hang out. Jackson was the BYU mascot, so they could've been a cute pair haha

  3. kaila sue says:

    When I saw that bread on pinterest I about died! It looks so divine! I thought you purchased his costume, I should have known better! I am so impressed it perfect!

  4. Ok you MADE his costume?! I thought you bought it because it looked so good!

  5. Packrat says:

    You are amazing. The little boys across the street have both BSU and UI football uniforms – purchased and I'll assume very expensive. Yours looks more authentic than those. Great job!

  6. Jenae says:

    I can't believe you MADE this! You are a guru of all things creative and crafty. Love it!

    AND I can't believe how big your kiddo is getting. He looks so old?!?


  7. Olivia says:

    Really cute Merrick. Perfect little costume. Great job. Go BYU!

  8. Karen says:

    You are a rockstar! I'm totally making this for my son for Halloween. My husband coaches a local varsity high school. I'm hoping he will wear a coaching shirt and a whistle to go along with it. Thank you for listing the items you used!

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