Fun Indoor Games That All Three of My Kids Can Play

These two fun indoor games are great for kids of all ages, including my 8 year old AND my 2 1/2 year old!


We love playing fun indoor games together after school.

A few weeks ago I shared our typical daily schedule — what our morning schedule looks like, how I work from home, what our after school routine typically is, etc. If you missed the post you can check it out RIGHT HERE.

In that post, I mentioned that after school we like to play a fun indoor game or two together. It’s a perfect way for them to unwind after school, for me to give them my full attention, and for us to laugh and have fun together.

But the biggest challenges we have with games is finding ones that all three boys are able to play  — they’re ages 8, 6, and 2 1/2.

Games that the older boys love to play are typically too advanced for Sanny, and games that Sanny can understand and play aren’t interesting and fun for the big boys.

Walmart has tons of great indoor games for families!

So we were super excited to team up with Walmart today to share two games we found that all three of the boys have the ability to play and also LOVE to play.

fun indoor games with kids
a few of our favorite indoor games with kids
connect4 shots games
a favorite game with kids
fun games that all three of my boys love to play

Two fun indoor games all three of my boys love to play after school

1 – Croc ‘n’ Roll. This is a really fun game with super simple rules that all little kids can remember. Each person is assigned a color of lily pad, and the goal is to hop from lily pad to lily pad to avoid getting touched by the Croc, who is a little motorized ball that rolls wildly around the ring. If you step out of the silly swamp ring, step on the wrong color lily pad, or get touched by the rolling Croc ball, you lose a lily pad. The last person standing is the winner! It takes just a minute to set up, and then provides endless fun — we all scream and jump and laugh as we hop around the ring.

This is a perfect after school game because it helps burn a lot of energy! You can find it at Walmart right here.


2 – Connect Four Shots. This is a fun variation on the classic “Connect Four” game, but it’s played with little lightweight balls that you bounce and try to land in the grid to connect four in a row.

Although it’s a game that’s geared toward older kids who would be better at bouncing the balls and making the shots, Sanny loves playing this with the big boys and trying to bounce the balls into the grid. We play it at the kitchen table and the boys think it’s hilarious when the balls miss the grid and bounce all over the kitchen.

I also love that the Connect Four Shots grid collapses down and becomes an easy carrying case for all the balls! You can find it at Walmart right here!


Walmart has so many other fun games, and they’re a perfect thing to grab now to start getting ready for Christmas!


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