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2016 has been the year of eyelashes, wouldn’t you agree? There are a few options for those long, luscious lashes that everyone’s striving to get, but since I’ve had a bunch of questions about my lashes recently, I want to take you through my process and share the products I use and how I like them.

I tried DIY lash extensions right before San was born, and I loved not having to put on any kind of mascara, and just waking up looking ready. But after wearing them for six weeks, my real eyelashes almost completely fell out. Like, I cried on the day I took them off because I had about 10 stubby lashes left on each eye.

So immediately I started researching how to grow my lashes back. I wasn’t interested in doing extensions anymore — professional or not — because I was afraid it would continue to break my lashes. So I looked into natural growth serums. I think Latisse is the most well known method, but since it’s a prescription I wasn’t really interested in using that. Instead, I found a similar product, NeuLASH, that had amazing reviews, didn’t require a prescription, and produced the same results.

The price tag is a little hefty, but compared to the price of professional extensions that require regular upkeep, it’s actually really good. I’ve found some other places that sell a this product at a discounted rate, but I’m concerned it’s not reputable. I don’t know one way or the other, but I was nervous to spend a big chunk of money on something that might not be the real product.

Here’s a few details and thoughts about using NeuLASH.

  • I put it on every single night.
  • It caused a tiny bit of eye irritation for the first two weeks, making my eyes itch a little bit after applying at night. After that it hasn’t bothered me at all.
  • I started to see beginning results within three weeks.
  • My lashes were significantly longer by week 8
  • By week 12 they were almost to their full growth
  • Week 16 was when they reached their peak.
  • The only thing that bothered me was that since they were growing so much, applying mascara was different every day and it was like re-learning it every day, until week 16.
  • Now I apply it every other night to maintain results.
  • I’ve been using for 4-5 months and my one bottle (I purchased the 0.2 oz tube) is still going strong. I read that one bottle will last about 8-9 months.
Now once your lashes are growing, it’s also important to wear the right mascara since that is what will really make your long lashes really stand out.

I discovered a really good and easy three step process to applying mascara, and created this video on snapchat showing the products I use, all of which are right here:


Then I had a bunch of requests asking how to actually apply it, so I did a step by step video to show exactly how I apply.

GROWTH SERUM  || PRIMER  ||  MASCARA #1  ||  MASCARA #2These are just quick videos I created on snapchat, but hopefully they’re helpful! I’ve tried tons of mascara products over the years, but the combination of these three, mixed with the neuLASH has produced incredible results. I hope you’ll try them too!



  1. Laura says:

    Is this safe to use while breastfeeding?

  2. Diana says:

    Been using the serum and primer with my regular mascara and WOW! I can totally tell the serum is working. great tip! as a mom mascara and lipgloss are my everyday beauty staples xo

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