Five Things We’re Doing to Make it Feel Like Fall

things to do in the fall with your family

Whether the weather is feeling like fall or not, here are five things you can do to make it feel like fall, PLUS a fun fall bucket list printable!


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We live in Southern California, so fall doesn’t show up for us until about January. In fact, October is typically one of our hottest months of the year — SO SAD, right?

It’s actually comical to go to the pumpkin patches and see people decked out in plaid and booties, sweating profusely and trying to get some cute pumpkin patch pictures of their kids. That’s totally me. GUILTY.

But this time of year can be so magical, so hot weather or not, we’ve made some plans for fall and we’ll make it feel like fall no matter what.

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fall bucket list with your family
things to do in the fall
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These are five things we’re doing this month to make it feel more like fall.

We’re wearing boots to make it feel like fall

Even if I’m forced to wear short sleeves with my boots, I’m wearing boots. Cause it’s fall. Sanny and I got these cute lace-up once from Rack Room Shoes, and their boot game right now is good!

Rack Room Shoes has been my go-to for kids shoes for years. They have great prices, all the brands we love, and a great selection. I got these cute boots for Sanny and he hasn’t wanted to take them off, and I got myself these Timberland boots that are sturdy and comfortable, and great for outdoors or not.

I’m doing a giveaway with Rack Room Shoes on my Instagram this morning — make sure you check it out!


We make it feel like fall by getting outdoors.

We’ve been really into hiking the last few months, and going up into the hills where some of the leaves are starting to change, and the morning air kind of feels like fall, makes me so so happy. We do it in the early morning, and the fact that I can wear a sweatshirt or jacket and the morning air is chilly makes it totally feel like fall.


Forget outside, burn a candle inside.

When it’s warm and sunny outside, we burn a candle inside and it instantly feels like fall. I picked up a couple from Trader Joe’s last week, but if you have any other good fall candle recommendations, leave me a comment!


fall bucket list
what to do in the fall when it's 80 degrees outside

We’re reading seasonal books

Picture books about the fall are so fun and magical to read with my boys, and this year we started Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in the fall because it felt appropriate for back to school as Harry went to school. It’s so fun to incorporate the seasons into all of our reading because it just adds to the feeling and magic.


And of course we’re making all the seasonal food.

Pumpkin muffins, hot chocolate, sugar cookies, sweet breads…I want to make all of it. Filling my house with amazing smells and delicious seasonal treats definitely brings the magic of fall.


We also got a really cute fall bucket list from Miss Audrey Sue and it’s filled with good ideas! We definitely won’t be able to do all of them, but it’s fun to have a big list of ideas so when the weekends come around we can make fun seasonal plans.


fall bucket list ideas

you can purchase and print off this fall bucket list RIGHT HERE!


And don’t forget to head to Instagram this morning and enter the giveaway to Rack Room Shoes!


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  1. rachel says:

    I put essential oils in a diffuser all day, everyday, to make my house feel and smell like fall. The oils smell amazing and they have health benefits too. Best thing ever!

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