Favorite Amazon Purchases from July

summer amazon favorites

We all love Amazon, and these are some of my recent favorite finds from there. From beauty products to cute summer sandals, there are lots of good things on this list of Amazon favorites.


outfit Details
white bodysuit (similar HERE)
Midi Skirt (on sale!)
Studded Sandals
Statement Earrings


A few things I’m loving from Amazon this month

It’s been a few months since I’ve shared an Amazon favorites roundup!

I picked up a few things on Amazon Prime Day, and have also tried out a few other new things, so I wanted to share.

Here are some favorites from Amazon for July.


2-Pack Biker Exercise Shorts

Biker shorts are super popular right now. I’m not a fan of them for everyday outfits, but for workouts they’re great. THESE ONES come in a 2 pack for under $30! I wear size XS. Definitely size down. 


Insulated Tumbler with Lid and Straw

I’ve tried so many cups over the years, and decided I like an insulated cup, but I don’t like metal straws. They clink against my teeth and also they’re too cold for my sensitive teeth. This INSULATED CUP is perfect cause it has a plastic straw, and a spill proof lid. Plus it’s a perfect size for cup holders. And it’s under $25!


Wave Hair Tool

I’d seen so many people raving about THIS HAIR WAVE TOOL to create mermaid hair, so of course I had to try it out. I literally owned an almost identical tool when I was in middle school, so there’s that. But here are. I actually love it. Day one is a little 80’s for me (but I still wore it), but the days after have made the most perfect mermaid waves that don’t even need touch ups. It’s also under $30! 


Self Tanner Foam

If you’ve been here for a while, you know I absolutely love this ST. TROPEZ SELF TANNER. If you need an instant tanner in the morning when you go to put on a dress, this is your stuff. It’s a perfect color, goes on super streak free, and lasts a couple of days. I have a whole post about THIS SELF TANNER.


Self Tanner Lotion

I just discovered this stuff from my best friend, Leanne, who did a whole test of different gradual self tanners. THIS LOTION was her clear winner. So of course I had to buy it. You put it on after the shower and it gives you gradual color throughout the day. You can layer it day after day to build the color you’d like. And the best part is that it’s dye free so it doesn’t come off on your sheets or your clothes!


Hermes Dupes Sandals

Ok, full disclosure. I haven’t actually received my order of these sandals yet. So I can’t 100% vouch for the quality. But I bought a pair of Hermes dupes identical to this last summer from Shein, and since they sold out so fast last year I’ve been looking for a similar pair. These ones look identical to the Hermes ones and are only $30! I also found another seller who sells them in BLACK and also in WHITE.


Makeup Remover Balm

I’ve never been a big fan of makeup remover wipes – I feel like it’s such a waste to use an entire wipe per night, and they run out so fast. My friend recommended this makeup remover balm, and I’ve been using it for the last six months or so. It comes in a large tub, in a similar consistency to coconut oil. Scoop a little bit out, warm it in between your hands, and rub onto your face. Your makeup (including eye makeup) just melts off! I then use Tula’s Face Cleanser. (You can also use code MERRICK20 for 20% everything at Tula.com).


Wellness Vitamins

These Wellness Vitamins are pure magic. If you ever start to feel that little bit of imbalance, like you’re about to get sick, take 3-4 of these twice a day. I swear, they give you an instant immune boost and you don’t get sick. I take two every day, as does Philip, and I got my parents and many friends hooked on them too. Everyone is dubious of them, but then they try them and they seriously work.


Matte Bronzer

When my old bronzer broke a few months ago, I was on the hunt for a new one. I randomly found this bronzer on amazon and ordered it. It’s a really good natural color, and not too saturated. I also love that it doesn’t have shimmer in it. It’s inexpensive, and I’ve been super happy with it.


Mascara Primer

Mascara primer is a must have for me. I hate, hate, hate mascara flakes on my face, or mascara circles under my eyes, or when my eyelashes droop throughout the day. This mascara primer swipes on white, and then you cover it up with your regular mascara and it keeps your eyelashes in place, full and thick, all. day. long.


Face Sunscreen Stick

If you haven’t tried these sunscreen sticks, you should fix that asap. When I swim with my kids and spray sunscreen on my face or put lotion on, it always drips into my eyes when I get my face wet and drives me bonkers. This sunscreen stick goes on like chapstick so it doesn’t run down into your eyes, and also it goes on clear so you don’t have to worry about a face streaked with white while you hang at the pool.


Large Summer Earrings

Statement earrings have been really fun this summer and I’ve picked up a few. But I hate spending a ton on a pair of statement earrings that may be out of style in just a few weeks. So Amazon to the rescue for a cute pair of tassel wicker earrings – they’re under $10!



Is there anything you’ve found on Amazon recently that I should try out? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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  1. MARCY says:

    Hey MErrick! Just wondering if youve tried Wearing makeup over the sunscreen stick and how welL it wore?! Ive found with so many face sunscreens that ive Used and apply makeup overtop, that my face sweats underneath the layer of sunscreen! ‍♀️ Love to Know your experience with it

    • Merrick says:

      I actually use Beauty Bio’s sunscreen under my makeup and it’s been ok! I use this sunscreen stick just for the pool when I’m not wearing makeup.

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