Especially Grateful For. [3rd Edition]

I’ve missed the last few weeks of “especially grateful for..” since I was on vacation and then recovering from vacation. But here I am — back on the bandwagon and seriously feeling the need to express my thanks.

So today I am especially grateful for…

1. our incredibly welcoming new ward
2. Peanut sleeping during the entire 2nd flight home from Philly (and letting me get a much needed nap!)
3. Philip being home after three days in St. George for work
4. Strawberry ice cream (to drown our sorrows in over BYU’s loss)
5. Date nights with Philip
6. Planning Christmas gifts that I know Philip will love (but maybe not as much as I’ll love giving them!)
7. Story time at the library that allowed Peanut and me to get out of the house and spend a fun morning together
8. free audio book downloads (from so I can still listen to books on cd that are currently checked out from the library and are $15 to download on itunes
9. Saturday morning at the park with my little family (especially because we had the park to ourselves)
10. This movie that comes out next month — I just finished the book, and the movie looks so fun (especially with Will Turner and Mr. Darcy :))

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Emily Kate says:

    Did you guys move? Or just get new ward boundaries?

    I listened to a librivox recording of Jane Eyre last month and was so impressed with the quality. And so nice it was free!!

  2. Brit says:

    Oh I love these lists of yours!! What amazing thing are you doing for Phillip for xmas?? And I am seriously happy you posted a link to free audiobooks. They can get so expensive!!

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