An oversized fold over clutch has been on my sewing to-do list for ages. They’re such gorgeous statement bags, and perfect for date night and fancier events. The problem was that I didn’t have a good fabric to use. I was always on the lookout, but could never find anything that I really loved. Then last month, in a stroke of good fabric buying luck, I found myself with three fabrics that I realized would all make amazing oversized clutches. The only problem was that with three choices, I was having an impossible time deciding which one to use for the clutch!
So I pulled out my new Sprout by HP and used their drawing program to draw out a pretty little fashion illustration. Then I used the overhead camera capability to take a photo of all three potential fabrics, and then stuck them in the illustration to see which one I liked best. It was still a tough call, but finally I decided.
Based off of my drawing, which one would you have picked?

Of course I went with Leopard. It’s classic, chic, can be dressed up or down, and well, leopard is just my favorite. I whipped up the clutch and then styled it for date night with a leather jacket, white denim, and a gray sweatshirt.

hand-me-down martin + osa leather jacket (similar splurge, similar save here and here
lulu*s caged heels, c/o, similar here
clutch, made by me (similar here and here)
baublebar earrings, similar here
After I made the clutch, I created this simple oversized fold over clutch, and then used my Sprout by HP to create my tutorial. It’s not like my regular tutorials with basic illustrations — I used the overhead camera to take images of the fronts and backs of the fabric I used, and then added those images into my tutorial so it’s easier to differentiate the pattern pieces!
Click through to see the tutorial!

1/2 yard faux fur fabric (I found mine in the blanket fabric section of Jo-Ann’s)
1/2 yard lining (I used a heavy weight woven blend from
1 package of heavy weight iron-on interfacing (purchased at Jo-Ann’s)
matching thread
14″ industrial zipper (purchased at Jo-Ann’s)
small square of faux or real leather (c/o leather hide store)

Step 1 // Cut your fabric, your lining and your interfacing. You should have 2 rectangles of each, 15″x18′ for the fabric and lining, and 12″x15″ for the interfacing.

Step 2 // Using the instructions on the package, adhere your interfacing to the wrong side of your fur fabric pieces. Center them so you have room to sew around the edges on all four sides.

Step 3. Take one piece of fur and one piece of lining, and place them wrong sides together. Unzip your zipper, and on the top edge, sandwich your zipper between the two fabrics. Fold over the top edge of both fabrics and pin them carefully along the zipper. [I pinned the fur to one side of the zipper first, and then pinned the lining to the other side after that, placing pins on both sides since it was easier than trying to pin them to the zipper at the same time]. Now sew along those folded edges (the top edge of the purse) with a straight seam, attaching the fur, lining, and one side of the zipper together. Repeat for the other side so both sides of the zipper are attached. Make sure you position all your fabrics and your zipper correctly so your zipper will zip up properly and when zipped up, both outsides will be fur.

Step 4. This is now what your project should look like. Zipper in the middle, fur on the outside, and lining attached to both pieces underneath (with wrong sides of the fabric together).

Step 5. Lay your bag flat with right sides together, lining up the sides, and pin around the three (non-zippered) sides of the bag. Sew around it with a straight stitch. On the zipper pull side, stop your stitching directly under the zipper. On the opposite side of the zipper, sew all the way over the zipper to create a nice finished look.

Step 6. Once your seams are done, trim your corners at an angle so the points are super sharp when you turn the bag right side out.

Step 7. Now your bag should look like this.

Step 8. Cut a small rectangle of leather, 1″x2.” Fold it in half and pin it to the long ends of the zipper tape. Sew across the fold several times to secure it in place.

Step 9. And you’re DONE!

This post was created in partnership with HP




  1. Lauren says:

    This is such a fabulous tutorial!! So much better than buying the $200 version haha! You are so talented girl!


  2. Rachelle says:

    Love this oversize clutch, you are very talented lady.


  3. This looks cute and easy. I am so pinning this so I can remember to get some leopard fabric!

  4. Mollie says:

    Lovely!! One question: What about the leather piece?

  5. I’m going to attempt this – no guarantees it’ll turn out anywhere as great as yours!

    Liz @

  6. Kristen Miles says:

    Amazing! I think I’d like to crawl inside your brain and see the genius at work. I know that sounded totally cheesy but it’s true! I think you create incredible things. And ps, that illustration at the beginning was spot on. Perfect.

  7. Carolina says:

    Where did you get your material from?

    • Merrick says:

      I bought it at Jo-Ann’s, believe it or not!! It’s a gorgeous faux fur and it was kind of in the blanket fabric section (I’m sure that’s what it’s made for). I found it when I was out of town, and haven’t ever seen in both of my local Jo-Ann’s here, so it’s a little tough to find, but maybe check your local store!

  8. Paige Cassandra Flamm says:

    That clutch is gorgeous! I’m always blown away by the pieces that you’re able to make!


  9. Furore MAG says:

    Hello, this is amazing post! I’m in love with this clutch and color/print combination you used!
    We would love to publish it in our magazine!!!
    (ofc with the link of your blog)
    Send us your your answer if you agree to [email protected]
    xx Furore Editor

  10. Craftygirl says:

    Really cool as always! Where does one get industrial zippers!

  11. Monica Packer says:

    I love it! The tutorial with pictures of the fabric is very helpful.

  12. Jessica says:

    I love this clutch! This is a great D.I.Y.

  13. Brianna Soloski says:

    Very cute. I love a good clutch.

  14. Well hello there future weekend project!!

  15. char says:

    Love the clutch tutorial!

  16. Araba K. says:

    Love this tutorial! It seems so simple and yet produces such chic results.


  17. Lydia says:

    Great tutorial! Will this only work with the materials listed? Thanks! =)

  18. Megan Freeman says:

    Merrick! I LOVE this! It’s adorable!

  19. Lindy says:

    I came upon this tutorial last night and ran right out to Joann’s this morning! I thought sure I found the right fabric but now that I’ve re-visited the post I’m not so sure. The fabric I got looks very similar in color and pattern but it’s a rather light-weight fabric called microsuede. It doesn’t have a whole lot of texture to it. I did find it in the blanket fabric section and it seemed the closest in appearance to what yours is as far as the leopard pattern. The other leopard prints literally felt and looked like a blanket; really thick and plush. Is there anything more you can tell me about yours to help me feel more confident that this fabric will work?

    • Merrick says:

      I think I picked up the same fabric you’re talking about. It’s definitely different than mine — mine is a faux fur with the same thickness and texture of fur. But the microsuede should be fine. I would just recommend lining it with something much thicker — like, even as thick as felt — so your bag has some weight to it and is not just a floppy piece of fabric. Hope that helps!

  20. Rachel says:

    I know this was a little bit ago but I just got really pretty leather to make something similar and I’m a little confused about something — by step 5, you sewed around the three edges of both the fur and lining, right? If yeah, how is the inside neat? Like don’t the raw edges show inside the clutch otherwise?

  21. Isean Isedore says:

    Is there a video?

  22. Mukti says:

    Lovely bag. Quick question, do you mind if I ask what kind of sewing machine you have?

  23. Jennifer says:

    Just made my first bag today and used pleather instead of faux fur…. Loved the visuals, totally helped. Thank you!

  24. Dinah Morris Oliver says:

    I love this! Thank you so much for the tutorials!

  25. J Gross says:

    I have been stalking the Clarev bag for ages now I wish I knew how to sew! So great even though I don’t sew I love reading your blog and pretending I do

  26. So amazing!! Can’t wait to make this!! Xo

  27. Wow, it’s a really nice clutch. I like this. Great tutorial.

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